South Africa – Switzerland Research Collaboration in Science and Technology:Call for Project Proposals 2011

Funding for Research Programme in the field of Public Health and Biomedicine, Bio- and Nanotechnologies

Study Subject:Public Health and Biomedicine, Bio- and Nanotechnologies
Employer:NRF-South africa, Switzerland
Scholarship Description: Public Health and Biomedicine, Bio- and Nanotechnologies are ground-breaking disciplines, ideally situated for replying to worldwide health needs and for the development of forward-looking industry applications. Through the use of novel research techniques they offer potential solutions for many of today’s global challenges in industry and society.

Who may apply?
In South AfricaApplicants must reside in South Africa and be employed researchers at a recognised highereducation or research institution such as a university, university of technology, national facility, museum or science council. Applications must designate the primary Swiss counterpart in collaboration with who joint research or networking is to be undertaken. The Principal Investigators will bear responsibility for the project, including its technical and administrative coordination as well as scientific and financial reporting. Applicants should be in possession of at least a Masters degree (preferably PhD) in order to apply under this programme. The application should not be submitted through an industry/business partner. All applications must be directed through the research office or the NRF Designated Authority. Only one application per applicant will be accommodated. Any incomplete application will be automatically disqualified. The industry
partner under this programme for the SA applicant must be affiliated to a registered South African company. Relevant business, registration or financials of the industry partner may be requested at any time.

In Switzerland
Applications should reflect ambitious research outlines, designed to create synergies across disciplinary borders and between the private and public sectors. Eligible proposers are Swiss citizens or permanent residents of Switzerland holding a PhD degree or more.
Applicants who may choose to involve industry in their project are requested to describe how matching funds or services from South African and Swiss partners will be generated through public or private sources during the project duration. Application submission does not guarantee funding since funding will depend on evaluation and availability of funds.

Scholarship Application Deadline:30 April 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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