ST. Clair College International Scholarships

Universal Entrance Scholarship – $1,000.00
Beginning in 2008/09, St. Clair College is proud to introduce new scholarships for international students. The Universal Entrance Scholarship will be awarded to all newly enrolled International students in post secondary programs. A $500.00 tuition reimbursement payment will be made at the end of the student’s first and third semester. Students must maintain full-time academic status and a minimum GPA of 2.5.Campus Care Scholarships – $3,000.00
St. Clair College, in cooperation with CanAm Insurance, will award Campus Care Scholarships for a total value of $3,000. Individual scholarships of $500.00 will be awarded to top academic students from Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, USA, Africa, and the Middle East.

Student Representative Council – International Student Scholarship – $1,000.00
The St. Clair College Student Representative Council (SRC) annually awards a $1,000.00 scholarship to one outstanding international student based on financial need, academic standing, and demonstrated extracurricular activities.

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