Strategic Fellowship Program, USA

Strategic Fellowship Program to Study in Ontario Universities

Study Subject: Research Project with Industrial Relevance

Employer: MITACS

Level: Postdoctoral

Scholarship Description: All efforts to secure an industrial partner prior to applying to the MITACS Elevate program should be made, however, for funding for one-year only, applicants can apply without an industrial partner.  These applicants will enter into the Strategic Fellowship Program (SFP) Stream.  In this year, MITACS will support the PDF’s research project at the university, with the expectation that the PDF will commit to finding an industrial partner for collaboration in the second year.  This award will consist of $45,000 for the PDFs stipend and $10,000 to cover associated research costs.  Of this, $20,000 must be provided by the academic supervisor directly to MITACS.  After successfully finding an industrial partner, the applicant will be eligible for funding for a second year under the MITACS Elevate Industrial Fellowship Program.  During the first year the expectation is that the PDF will spend at least 10% of their time in designing and implementing a plan to engage industry in their particular research area.  There will be training courses provided to explain how to find industrial research partners and MITACS will assist in these efforts.  They are also expected to complete the professional development training programs during this year.

All projects for this round of funding must begin no later than April 1st, 2011.  The MITACS Elevate program is designed as a two-year fellowship program, however renewal for a second year of funding is not guaranteed and is contingent on the degree to which PDFs participate in the program activities over the year, the outcomes of their efforts at engaging industry, the progress that is made on their research projects, and the continued government funding support for this program.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 November 2010

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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