Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences-PhD Student Position Sweden

PhD student position in Ecology
Dept. of Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala

“Habitat selection, demography and evolutionary consequences of
changes in agriculture and climate in northern wheatears”

The new Department of Ecology conducts research and education in
applied ecology: effects of human activity and environmental change
on pest species, wildlife management and biodiversity.

We are looking for a PhD student who will work with basic applied
research on the exciting links between evolution, population dynamics
and conservation and how these links are affected by a modern
agriculture and climate change. The model system is a long-term
population study (15 years) of northern wheatears (Oenanthe oenanthe)
outside Uppsala, Sweden. Today we have data on 2300 breeding attempts
and detailed data on individual survival, reproduction, and habitat
choice. Thus, high-quality background data exist already. You will be
able to investigate: why adults have lower survival in certain
habitats, whether juvenile movements in the post-breeding season are
to improve survival or next year’s choice of breeding site, whether
climate change in relation to landuse may explain reduced breeding
success in certain age classes, and whether genes determine habitat
selection and reproductive output.

The overall aim is to deepen our knowledge about factors affecting
populations in disturbed landscapes, such as farmland. Farmland birds
are declining rapidly and knowledge about the basics in habitat
selection demography and evolutionary responses are badly needed. You
will be part of a large research group working with biodiversity in
farmlands of which at least three are presently working with this
study system. The position will be at Uppsala.

You need a Masters degree in Ecology or equivalent. Experience in
fieldwork, bird ringing, and data analysis together with good skills
in writing English is an advantage.

SLU is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Union representatives: for SACO, Lars Eriksson, phone: +46-18-67 31
37, for ST, Monicastman, phone: +46 -18-67 12 27.

For more information: Tomas Prt, phone +46 (0)18-67 27 04, e-mail:
toma[email protected], homepage: http://www.nvb.slu.se/ShowPage.cfm?
OrgenhetSida_IDE08  (check this page after Sept 7)

Three copies of the application, marked with reference number
2624/07should be submitted to the: Registrator of SLU, P.O. Box 7070,
SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden, or by e-mail: [email protected] no later
than September 24, 2007.

The application shall include: 1) a short summary of your previous
achievements (max 1 page), 2) a short description ( max 1 page) on
how you view the research task, 3) MSc thesis (or equivalent), 4)
curriculum vitae, and 5) reference person(s). All in 3 copies.

[email protected]

Department of Ecology
The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Box 7002
SE-750 07 Uppsala
phone +46 18 672704

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