Postgraduate Scholarships

The Rhodes Scholarships 2011 for Canadian Students, UK

The Rhodes Scholarships for postgraduate studies for Canadian citizens at Oxford University Study Subject:progarm taught at the university Employer:Rhodes Foundation Level:Postgraduate Scholarship Description:The Rhodes Scholarships are funded from the will of Cecil John Rhodes and have been awarded to applicants […]

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2011 Monica Cole Research Grant for Overseas Fieldwork

2011-Undergraduate or Postgraduate Research Grant for the female applicant by Royal Geographic Society for Overseas Fieldwork Study Subject:physical geography Employer:RGS with IGB Level:Undergraduate or Postgraduate Scholarship Description:The Monica Cole Research Grant offers £1,000 each year to a female physical geographer […]

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Four Postgraduate Positions in Political Science, Sweden

University of Lund offers funding for Postgraduate positions in Political Science Study Subject:Political Science Employer:Lund University Level:Postgraduate Scholarship Description: The doctoral candidate programme amounts to 240 credits (which is equivalent to four years of study full time). It formally ends […]

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2011 Ustinov College Scholarships, UK

Ustinov College Funding Postgraduate Scholarships 2011, UK Study Subject: Courses offered by Ustinov College Employer: Ustinov College Level: Postgraduate Scholarship Description: The Ustinov College Accommodation Awards were established in 1994. The awards have three key objectives: to contribute to the […]

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The Otto Kinne Foundation Fellowship for Postgraduate Scientists who Conduct Environmental Research

Fellowship for Postgraduate Scientists who Conduct Environmental Research Study Subject:environmental research Employer:Inter-Research Science Center Level:postgraduate scientists Scholarship Description: The Otto Kinne Foundation (OKF) supports promising young environmental scientists in eastern European countries, without distinction of race, religion, nationality or sex. […]

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