The Beit Scholarship Trust for Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe Students to Study Abroad

Scholarship for Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe candidates

Study Subject: Any Subject
Employer: The Beit Trust
Level: Postgraduate
Scholarship Description: The Beit Trust offers Scholarships abroad for postgraduate studies or research to graduates who are domiciled in Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe annually. Scholarship winners will study at a university in the United Kingdom, Ireland or South Africa, for study in a subject of the individual’s choice appropriate to the needs of the beneficial area.

Duration of Scholarship
Duration is normally for a maximum of three years at the discretion of Trustees. In addition, awards for a one-year taught Masters Degree are offered at the University of Leeds, known as the Beit Chevening Leeds Scholarship (BCL); at the University of Reading, known as the Beit Chevening Reading Scholarship (BCR); and at Rhodes University, known as the Beit-Rhodes Scholarship (BR).

Scholarship Worth
The extent of a Beit Scholarship Grant is:
* A personal allowance, adjusted annually by an independent authority to the cost of living, is paid covering maintenance support.
* Other allowances are paid for arrival, a laptop and printing of a thesis, and return to Africa.
* Fees and costs of tuition and related academic expenses are paid by the Trust direct to the universities.
* Economy Class air passages are met by the Trust for the initial journey to the place of study in the UK, and for the return passage at the end of the course.
* No allowances are paid for spouses or other family members.

* BCL Scholarship expenses are shared equally between The Beit Trust, Chevening and the University of Leeds.
* BCR Scholarship expenses are shared between The Beit Trust, Chevening and the University of Reading.
* Some BR Scholarship expenses are met by Rhodes University, but the Beit Trust handles the administration.

There is no academic difference between these shared scholarships and fully-funded scholarships, but in the UK the respective university handles much of the administration. Many Beit Scholars choose these universities where the Trust share costs to enable it to offer more scholarships to the beneficial area.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 August 2011
Further Scholarship Information and Application

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