The Humphrey Fellowship Program 2010

The Humphrey Fellowship Program is for experienced professionals interested in strengthening their leadership skills through a mutual exchange of knowledge and understanding about issues of common concern in the U.S. and Fellows’ home countries.  As a non-degree program, the Fellowship offers valuable opportunities for professional development through selected university courses, attending conferences, networking, and practical work experiences.  During the year, Fellows pursue both their individual program goals and work closely with their Humphrey colleagues in workshops and seminars.  Unlike a typical graduate school experience, the program encourages Fellows to travel away from their host campus to learn more about American culture and to network with their American peers.  If you are interested in broadening your perspectives and becoming a global leader, the Humphrey Fellowship is for you.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

an undergraduate (first university) degree

a minimum of five years of full-time professional experience

limited or no prior experience in the United States

demonstrated leadership qualities

a record of public service in the community

English language ability

Humphrey Fellowships are awarded competitively to candidates who are mid-career professionals in many fields. Please contact the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy or Bi-national Fulbright Commission in your country to see which of the following fields candidates are being recruited in.

Agricultural and Rural Development


Economic Development

Educational Administration, Planning and Policy

Finance and Banking

Higher Education Administration

HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention

Human Resource Management

Law and Human Rights

Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change

Public Health Policy and Management

Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention

Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Technology Policy and Management

Trafficking in Persons Policy and Prevention

Urban and Regional Planning

To know Eligible Countries refer at

Application date :


Embassies and Commissions must submit their nominations to the Institute of International Education office in Washington, DC by October 1. The deadlines for applicants vary by country (from May to July ). Please check with the Embassy or Fulbright Commission in your country to learn about the deadline for submitting applications.


For selection procedure refer at


Fellowship Provisions

The Fellowship provides for:

  • Payment of tuition and fees at the assigned host university;
  • Pre-academic English language training, if required;
  • A maintenance (living) allowance, including a one-time settling-in allowance;
  • Accident and sickness coverage;
  • A book allowance;
  • A one-time computer subsidy;
  • Air travel (international travel to and from the U.S. for the program and domestic travel to required program events);
  • A Professional Development allowance for professional activities, such as field trips, professional visits and conferences.

Contact Information:

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program’s primary sponsor is the United States Department of State. The program is administered under a cooperative agreement with the Institute of International Education (IIE). These two agencies work in partnership with a network of host universities which are competitively selected to host Fellows. The recruitment for the Humphrey Fellowship program is done by the U.S. Embassies or Fulbright Commissions in the participating countries.

U.S. Department of State

Institute of International Education
Department of Scholar and Professional Programs
Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
3007 Tilden Street, NW, Suite #5L
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: (202) 686-8664
Fax: (202) 686-8654
Email[email protected]

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