2013/14 UCEAP $1 Million Scholarship Initiative for UC Students to Study Abroad

University of California Education Abroad Program offers $1 Million Initiative scholarships to study abroad for University of California Students. UCEAP will offer 50 awards for summer 2013 , 220 awards for all 2013 semester or year and 110 awards for spring 2014 semester or year. The scholarships are offered to expand study abroad opportunities for UC students from all backgrounds and academic disciplines. The award selections will be primarily based on academic merit and integration of a selected UCEAP program into a student’s academic and career goals, as demonstrated in a personal statement.

Study Subject(s): These scholarships to study abroad are provided for all kinds of study abroad programs.
Course Level:Students must be currently enrolled at UC.
Scholarship Provider: UCEAP
Scholarship can be taken at: Abroad

Eligibility:-UCEAP scholarships from the $1 Million Initiative for 2013-14 are open to all UCEAP students.
-The award selections will be primarily based on academic merit and integration of a selected UCEAP program into a student’s academic and career goals, as demonstrated in a personal statement.
-Students with financial need or who are traditionally under-represented in UCEAP programs should include the impact these elements have had on their decision to study abroad.
-Under-represented students include those who have transferred to UC from a California community college or state university, veterans, first-generation college students, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors.

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: The students of USA can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Description: Education abroad is an investment in your academic, professional, and personal future, and UCEAP wants to help you afford this tremendous opportunity. We offer dozens of scholarships—over $1.2 million for 2013-14—for students of all backgrounds and majors, and for all kinds of study abroad programs. Student’s statement of purpose should be a clear, concise statement, with a maximum of two pages (either single or double-spaced). Please include your name, UC campus, country, and program information at the top of each page. It must be uploaded as a PDF document. Applicant must describe how the country and language (if applicable) and specific program applicant selected will help applicant achieve his/her academic and career goals. Include specific opportunities, courses, projects, or goals applicant plan to pursue while abroad, and explain why studying abroad is the best way to accomplish them.

Number of awards offered: UCEAP will offer 50 awards for summer 2013 , 220 awards for all 2013 semester or year and 110 awards for spring 2014 semester or year.

Duration of award(s): It is applicable for three years.

What does it cover? UCEAP offer dozens of scholarships—over $1.2 million for 2013-14 Summer 2013:$1,000, Fall 2013 (semester or year):$2,000, Spring 2014 (semester or year): $2,000.

Selection Criteria: Awards are primarily merit-based and applicant’s GPA, academic accomplishments, goals for study abroad will all be taken into account when your application is reviewed.

Notification: UCEAP will send you an email by the end of April 2013 at the email  provided in application to inform regarding the status of the application. If applicant has been selected for a scholarship, he/she will need to fill out an acceptance form.

How to Apply: The next scholarship application will open in mid-February 2013 (for participants in Summer 2013, Fall 2013, and Northern Hemisphere Academic Year 2013-14).
•In order to apply, first register with MyEAP to start an application to study abroad. The MyEAP portal will direct you to the scholarship application once the form is available.
•When the online scholarship application opens, be prepared to provide: 1) an application form, 2) a statement of purpose and 3) a copy of your transcript.

Scholarship Application Deadline: The application must be completed and documents must be uploaded by, March 15, 2013. (application will open in mid-February 2013).

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

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