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2013 Postdoctoral Research Positions at University of Patras in Greece

European Union (European Social Fund–ESF) and Greek national funds postdoctoral research positions.Positions are offered in fate and transport of biocolloids and nanoparticles in groundwater and effects of polluted water on public health. Three positions are offered at University of Patras. The eligible students should submit the applications till 28/12/2012.

Study Subject(s): Research should based in fate and transport of biocolloids and nanoparticles in groundwater and effects of polluted water on public health.
Course Level:  This scholarship is available for pursuing postdoctoral research fellowships.
Scholarship Provider: European Union (European Social Fund – ESF) and Greek national
Scholarship can be taken at: Greece

1st Post-Doctoral Fellow: Research associate
1. Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering with substantial training in biotechnology
2. Ph.D. in a discipline relevant to the research area with emphasis in colloids and their properties
3. At least five years of research experience on experimental and theoretical investigation of biocolloid properties and their interactions with porous media
4. Evidence of strong oral and written communication skills, including published research in scientific journals.
5. Fluent knowledge of Greek, Good knowledge of English

2nd postdoctoral fellow: Research associate-
1. Degree in Chemical Engineering
2. Ph.D. in a discipline relevant to the research area with emphasis in transport phenomena in porous media
3. M. Sc. in simulation, optimization and control processes
4. At least five years of research experience on transport phenomena, mechanical and chemical processes during the flow of fluids in porous media
5. Evidence of strong oral and written communication skills, including published research in scientific journals.
6. Fluent knowledge of Greek, Good knowledge of English

3nd postdoctoral fellow: Research associate
1. Degree in Biology
2. Ph.D. in Life Sciences with emphasis in Molecular Biology
3. At least five years of research experience on use of molecular technologies
4. At least three years of research experience on virology and detection of viruses in environmental samples
5. Evidence of strong oral and written communication skills, including published research in scientific journals.
6. Fluent knowledge of Greek, Knowledge of English and Spanish in terms of reading and literature investigation
1. Experience in cell culture techniques
2. Ability in environmental data analysis, interpretation, and technical writing,
3. Knowledge of data management, statistical and ecological assessment software

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: Greek students can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Description: The Research Committee of the University of Patras invites applications for three Post-doctoral Research Associate positions for the implementation of the Research Project 1185, D632 entitled “Fate and transport of biocolloids and nanoparticles in groundwater and effects of polluted water on public health”.
The concentration of pathogenic biocolloids (e.g. bacteria and viruses), manufactured nanomaterials, organic and inorganic chemical substances, pesticides, radioactive materials, and pharmaceuticals in the subsurface environment is progressively increasing throughout the world, which consequently is affecting the potable water and the food chain. Potable water polluted with bacteria and viruses may cause many infectious diseases. Various physicochemical parameters such as temperature, water quality, formation type, water content, and presence of particles suspended in the aqueous phase, affect the transport and fate of biocolloids in the subsurface. In this project a series of studies will be conducted in order to investigate: (i) the interactions between viruses, nanoparticles and clays, (ii) the cotransport of bacteria, nanoparticles and clays in ideal porous media, (iii) the cotransport of viruses, nanoparticles and clays in ideal porous media, and (iv) the cotransport of bacteria and nanoparticles in 3-D bench-scale model aquifers.

Number of Awards: 3 Positions are offered.

Duration of Award: 1st Post-Doctoral Fellow: Research associate- Total budget: 50000 €
2nd postdoctoral fellow: Research associate- Total budget: 24000 €
3nd postdoctoral fellow: Research associate- Total budget: 40000 €

What does it Cover? 1st Post-Doctoral Fellow: Research associate- Duration: 25 months
2nd postdoctoral fellow: Research associate- Duration: 12 months
3nd postdoctoral fellow: Research associate- Duration: 20 months

How to Apply: Applicants must be submitted by post.

Scholarship Application Deadline: The closing date for applications is 28/12/2012

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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