2014/15 Parliamentary Youth Exchange Program (PPP) in Germany and USA

German Parliament and the US Congress are jointly offering Parliamentary Youth Exchange Program (PPP) of 2014/2015 in Germany and USA. Each year 360 students and young professionals from Germany go to USA and the same number of US students comes to Germany. Nationwide, 360 scholarships are available, out of which 285 scholarships for students and 75 for young professionals. The scholarship covers the travel and program costs and insurance cost. Students must have a good school performance, good English and social skills. Applications should be sent online.

Study Subject(s): The exchange program provides the young generation in both countries, the importance of friendly cooperation based on shared political and cultural values.
Course Level: This program offers fellows to live for a year with a host family, attend school, complete internships in companies and are also young ambassadors for the political and cultural values of their country. The scholarship students usually live with host families. Students attend for one school year an American high school. Young professionals take the program at teaching community colleges in part or comparable educational institution and complete an internship in an American operation.
Scholarship Provider: German Parliament and the U.S. Congress
Scholarship can be taken at: USA and Germany

Eligibility: Students with primary residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. Students need the time of departure (date 31.7.2014) at least 15 and not more than 17 years of age (birthdays from 1 8 1996 to 31.7.1999). At this time, the school may not yet be finished with high school.
-Many students often opt for an exchange year after the ninth or tenth grade (information age ).
-The recognition of foreign school years is regulated differently in the provinces.
-Young professionals and trainees with primary residence in the Federal Republic of Germany, at the time of departure (as at 31.7.2014) have completed their training and are more than 24 years old (birthday after 31.7.1989). Participation is also unemployed youth who have completed vocational training.
-Young people who intend to make a voluntary service must ensure that this service does not fall within the period of the stay abroad.
-Provided basic military service or civilian service, a Compensation of voluntary social, ecological or development policy year increase the upper age limits accordingly.
-Individual occupations such as medical profession can be practiced in the United States without a license. Members of these professional groups are therefore unfortunately excluded from participation in the PPP.
-More detailed information is available from the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH, which is responsible for the scholarships of young professionals.
-Also excluded from the PPP are children and foster children of members of parliament, young people with U.S. citizenship (also with German-American dual citizenship) and a green card holder.

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: Applicants of Germany and USA are eligible for this exchange program.

Scholarship Description: Year traveling around 360 students and young German Bundestagprofessionals from Germany to the United States. Approximately equal number of young Americans comes every summer to Germany. As fellows of the Parliamentary Youth Exchange program to live for a year with a host family, attend school, complete internships in companies and are also young ambassadors for the political and cultural values of their country. All applicants must undergo a two-stage selection process. The selection process will initially designated youth exchange organizations that perform the Parliamentary sponsorship program on behalf of the German Bundestag. The exchange organizations are responsible for specific parliamentary constituencies and serve the people living in them and scholarship applicants

Number of award(s): Nationwide, 360 scholarships available, of which 285 scholarships for students and 75 for young professionals.

Duration of award(s): The duration of exchange from is of one year.

What does it cover? The scholarship covers the travel and program costs as well as the necessary cost of insurance. Fellows are supervised by experienced exchange organizations working together with the German Bundestag for many years. This includes the implementation of the selection process and preparation before leaving the United States.

Selection Criteria: The employees of the exchange organizations receive the application documents and decide each year in the fall, whether the applicants will be invited for an interview. In these talks, the join a discussion group and a test of the general political education, it is checked whether the applicants are suitable for a scholarship in the USA. Besides the good school performance and good English skills of the candidates is important above all on the social skills, the political general knowledge and interest in political and social processes.

Notification: Not Known

How to Apply: The mode of applying by online. The application procedure is performed by experienced exchange organizations on behalf of the German Bundestag. In Germany are distributed over the 299 parliamentary constituencies’ six exchange organizations working for the Bundestag.
Applications are accepted only with the PPP application card. The application card must be in the exchange organization no later than 13 September 2013 be received (date of postmark is irrelevant).

Scholarship Application Deadline: The deadline for applications is 13th September 2013.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

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