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Africa Scholarship 2009 IATEFL Conference

THE IATEFL AFRICA SCHOLARSHIP CARDIFF 2009 The purpose of this scholarship is to enable teachers or teacher trainers from African countries to participate in the IATEFL conference.

To qualify you must be
• a practising teacher in primary or secondary education, or a teacher trainer, who has not previously attended the conference
• someone who has not travelled outside Africa before
• unable to finance such a trip from your own resources

You need NOT
• be a member of IATEFL
• submit a proposal for presentation at the conference
There will be two scholarships available for the Cardiff 2009 conference. The scholarship will provide a free conference registration and help towards accommodation, meals and travel expenses to a maximum of £2000.
No one can be awarded the scholarship more than once.
To be considered, please send
• a summary curriculum vitae
• a passport size photograph
• a 500-word article on how attending the IATEFL conference will benefit you and your ESL/EFL community
• a brief explanation of why you are applying for the scholarship

marked ‘IATEFL Africa Scholarship’ to the IATEFL office by Monday 22nd September 2008.

A decision will be made by the IATEFL Africa Scholarship Committee in consultation with the Scholarship Working Party in October 2008.

If you are awarded the scholarship you will be required to send a 250-word report for publication by IATEFL on your impressions of the conference. Deadline for report will be in June 2009.

Further Scholarship Information


  1. Dawit says:

    please,if you have to can help me do it. I’m a Ethiopian and now i learn in Dire Dawa Technical & Vocational College,Ethiopia in IT(information Technology) 2nd year diploma program, but there is no enough facility to learn and motivate my interest . . .


    I am Ethiopian and currently I am a teacher and academic programs coordinator in a college.
    so,can I get application form for this scholarship

  3. I ame an Ethiopian government employee and BA degree hilder but nowadays striving to get scholarship and contitue my higher education especially(if possible) online masters degree but I can even study at campus,can you please assist me in satisfying my thristy of studying at Masters level?

  4. Tilahun says:

    What kinds of scolarships are available? IATEFL stands for what?
    when the application is ended? where the conference will be held?what is/are the requirement/s for the eligibility?

  5. Michael says:

    My name is Michael K and my father is an experience teacher in a Ugandan traditional school how can i try and help him attend the IATEFL conference. Thanx

  6. hailemichael aklil says:

    my name is hailemichael aklil I am a teacher in one of a public school here in Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia . I am theaching mathematics for the past 6 years in primary and secondary schools now I want to attined a conferce so please give me deep information how can I apply and how can I partcipate,thank you

  7. Tesfay Negash says:

    I am an Ethiopian having MSc in cooperative marketing in 2007/2008 BA in accounting and Diploma in Law and i am eager to continue my PHD in areas of marketing, finance. So how could i get scholarship in these areas of studies

  8. opeyemi ruth says:

    i am a teacher in Gambia public schools and will like to attend the conference.
    kindly send me the contact details and the application details.

  9. Victorine Lum says:

    Thaks for keeping us informed always.Im a Cameroonian female who has been teaching secondary school for six years. How do i get the application form and do send by email

  10. Tumiso says:

    I am an Ethiopian admitted for PhD in Agricultural Economics at Pretoria University. Can you suggest appropriate scholarship please!


  11. Barbara Nhemachena says:

    Please may I have contact information with regards to applican for this sholarship.I am a Zimbabwean Trained Secondary school teacher now working as a lecturer training technical subject teachers. How best can I forward the information required I am interested in the conference.

  12. Dears

    I am an Ethiopian and I was graduate of Gondar University on 2007 in applied biology BSc. Degree with CGPA 3.64. Now I am working at Jimma University medicine school in teaching and I have great interest to study on biologically related subjects in post graduate program. if I can get a chance to stay and study in your university I am sure to get enough knowledge theoretically as well practically.

    Great thanks!!!

  13. Iam a ugandan holding Bechelors Degree in Social Sciences with option in Economics, I am interested in persuing masters in either Economics or Business, if awarded a scholarship. please is there any opportunity you can assist me? I possess second class upper degree with CGPA of 3.97 of Kyambogo University-Uganda, specialising in Economics.
    I look forwad to your reply,

  14. Would you please help me in searching scholarship opportunity for masters (graduate degree program) in finance and accounting or other related field of studies?

    I am from Ethiopia (Africa) kwnoun by poverty & atletics

    Thank you in advance


  15. Dr. Angi Adawy says:

    it is such a wonderful opportunity to attend such a conference, but actually i need more Details for how to apply for it. I am a lecturer in a faculty of music Education in Eygpt, our general aim at the faculty is to graduate Music Teachers for schools. so my role there is like Teacher trainer.
    plz send me more Info. for applying.
    thanks in advance

  16. Tesfay Negash says:

    I am an Ethiopian having BA in accounting ,Diploma in Law and MSC in cooperative marketing CGPA of 3,89 and thesis with Excellent grade and eager to continue my PHD in accounting/finance or marketing. So would you help me in getting the information to persue my education.

    Best Regards.

    Tesfay Negash
    E-mail : [email protected]
    Ethiopia,East Africa

  17. felix boadi says:

    i am ghanaian pursuing post graduate diploma from paris graduate school of management and need scholarship for further studies.

  18. gashaw abayneh says:

    Iam gashaw from Ethiopia.Iam grade 12Nsstudent&certified by IT.Iam 18years.I want to learn health,Physical education or teaching.If i get a chance ,i will be full.

    [email protected]
    tahankyou for everything

  19. Abdulmuen Mohammed says:

    I am Ethiopian 25 old, I hold DVM Degree from Addis Ababa University In August 2007.

    Currently I am working on Pastoral Livelihood Strengthening Project with an International NGO in Pastoral area of Ethiopia.

    I want to continue my educational career To Master / PhD level in any field of Veterinary, Public health, Rural Development….etc. In order to contribute my best to the Development of the Pastoralists.

    So, could you, please, give me information on how to obtain or help me in getting free/ fully funded Scholarship from any country of the world.


    Kindly, Addulmuen M.

  20. Samwel wachira says:

    Am a diplomma holder in Telecommunication and i would like to continue upto Degree level and if posibble PhD but have no money. i was working with a leading Telecommunication Company in Kenya untill when the company restructured. am Trying to look for a job elsewhere but without a degree it has become very hard. would you please find me a free scholarship to get atleast a degree in Telecommunication?.

    S. G Wachira
    Kenya E. A.

  21. Will says:

    I am a Nigerian, studying in one of the Nigerian universities as a 2nd year computer science student, pls i would need a scholarship based on any IT scope outside Africa. thanks

  22. Tilahun yazie says:

    I an now teaching at Bahir Dar University in law Faculity.I have agreat interest to improve my carrier by attending Masters Program.

  23. FELEKE MURGA says:

    My name is Feleke Murga 23 years old from Ethiopia,I have B.ED degree in chemistry from Mekelle University , Tigray , Ethiopia. in 16 July 2006. I have been working as a teacher in department of Chemistry at Agene General Secondary and Preparatory school from September 2006 -2008 . Now I am self -employed & I want to pursue my Masters degree in Education or any area related of study in post graduate program. I would be glad if i am linked with a scholarship for this program. THIS will afford me the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills that will improve my quality of work to overcome the problem of quality teachers in my country . I am grateful for the opportunity to get a scholarship in any recognized University , hope to hearing from you soon .

    Thank you in advance

    With best regards

    Feleke Murga

  24. Ruhama Tilahun says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to get the chance to be given free scholarship in your country in the masters program business adminstration or leadership related fields.I graduated in 2007 with B.A Degree in Management ,currently i am working at Ethiopian shipping lines and looking forward to expand my knowledge but faced with the difficulty of affording to pay for the masters tuiton .so it would be lof agreat help if u can help me…..

  25. OMOLO JEFF says:

    Im aP1 in his second year of study in a Kenyan college requesting for aschorlaship in any business field.will be greatful if my request is taken into consideration.Thanks in advance.

  26. Mwaab Justin Kingsley says:

    I’m a Ghanaian, a holder of a masters in Educ. Administration. I need to pursue the PhD in a business related course such as Entrepreneurship or in Higher Educ. Kindly counsel and assist me to secure a scholarship. Thanks.

  27. dan wanyonyi says:

    MAP community based organisation ( Move Againist Poverty) is a Kenyan based registered public voluntary non-profit making organisation situated in Bungoma District Western Province of Kenya East Africa.

    The organisation mission is to promote and enhance the capabilities, capacities and social transformation of both individuals and communities to achieve suitable development and all these is achieved through Education, training research, networking, policy, advocacy, analysis and resource mobilisation.

    MAP as an organisation is made up of believers in the faith and are committed to support and improve the livelihood of the community through partnership, collaboration and participatory methodoligies as a means towards poverty eradication and spiritual development.

    The centre is promoting and running a church for the community, school and a microfinance institution for the “boda boda” Bicycle cyclist in the community who have no other means to earn other than cycle the bicyle to earn a living being that the Government has overlooked them and the Bank with it terms dont favour there class we thought of helping them come up not only in development but also in the knowledge about jesus christ.

    A pastor in Africa today faces a dainting prospect. This vast majority of church leaders have little or no training, no follow-up support, many live in dire poverty, witchcraft, corruption, refugees, AIDS orphans, civil conflicts and genocide they are realities of the environment most are obliged to work in. Despite this, the gospel reaches millions of suffering Africans. But once the seed of salvation are planted, who is there to water them?

    Countless churches are rife with confusion as the Gospel is corrupted by power struggles, supersition, tribal divisions, fake teaching and even violence.

    For these reasons with an aim to reach out to pastors, saints and church leaders, MAP C.B.O. decided to hold training and seminars in and without the Country. We found many of these attending tried, discouraged and stagnant in their ministry, some even at the point of abandoning their calling altogether.

    Many Pastors and church leaders attending the MAP conferences after being initially encouraged by the gospel message, realised the state of their own lives and asked for continuing help, support and spiritual direction, the team recognized an immediate need to establish a place where these pastors could come and live for 2-3 months to be restored, encouraged and equipped so that their desire for refreshing could be fulfilled as they spent time with different ministry gifts at the centre.

    Plans have been finalised to build a resource centre in Bungoma Kenya East Africa at the moment we have ten pastors from within the locality but are trusting God for resources so that our dream for reaching other pastors and even to from other countries is reached, it is our dream that through Gods mercies we are going to experiance his victory.

    Therefore on behalf of the organisation and other partners I take this opportunity to write and request your organisation to parner with us in spiritual developmet and provide us with both financial aid and technical assistance in terms of missionary,materials and any ather resource vaeble to support this vital programme.

    I hope our request will rach you and your urgency with a positive development and a future partnership in supporting MAP community based organisation.

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Pastor Dan Wanyonyi Nyongesa.


  28. caven masuku says:

    I am a man aged 27, currently emplyed as a lecturer at Midlands state University in gweru, Zimbabwe. I am lecturing in the media department and have journalism work experience which is more than 3 years. i worked in print media for 3 years and was NAMA nominee twice(2007&2008). I worked for a year at The Voice of Zimbabwe the only radio station that broadcast regional and international from Zimbabwe. I was in the business desk. I am looking forward for any assistance to get a scholarship to study Masters in media and journalism. I am a holder of BA english and Communication studies Degree , Post graduate diploma in Media and Society Studies ad a National certificate in Computer Studies. Thanks in advance! I am loking forward to hearing from you

  29. DEAR SIR,

  30. Tesfalem Mulu says:

    My name is Tesfalem Mulu Kahsay from Ethiopia.I got a BSc. Degree in Computer science from Hawassa University. I’m seeking for a scholarship for my MSc. programme in the fields of software engineering or computer related field in any American country or canada e.t.c. For this in what way I can submit my CV?
    I look forward to recieve a favourable reply from you.

    Best regards

    Tesfalem from Ethiopia

  31. BIRORI Clement says:

    Iam a RWANDAN holding Bechelors Degree in Common Development , I am interested in persuing masters in either Economics or Business, if awarded a scholarship. please is there any opportunity you can assist me?
    I look forwad to your reply,

  32. BIRORI Clement says:

    Clement from Rwanda Kigali
    I am gladfull to here from you about how to get free scholarship in your university, I have a degree in Common Development Iwish to follow master
    I am weiting from you;
    Be blessed

  33. JOHN WAMBUA says:

    Am a pharmaceutical technologist working with the government of kenya.My earnings enable my wife and I to pay our house rent and care for our two mothers who are widows and not working, also we care for our brothers in law.My greatest worry are five children who are total orphans whose two parents died of H.I.V .We are unable to care for them due to our me meagre earnings.Two are in secondary school and the other three none is working.The little money their parents left got exhausted two months ago and we are now caught up unable to see them through with their studies.Sometimes they get government bursaries which is not enough even to pay a 1/4 0f their fees.Kindly if their is a way you can help them meet their fees needs or employment of the other three in a good learning institution afer which they can get employed it will be a blessing.

  34. JOHN WAMBUA says:

    Am a pastor but working with the government of kenga as a pharmaceutical technologist(after qualifying with a diploma in pharmacy).My calling is preaching the gospell of our lord jesus christ but financial constrains have made me not to enter fully in the ministry neither to any theology institution.I have desired to learn theology in America but this has defeated me due to the finacial inability.I got my passport seven years back but has expired and am inteding to get another hopefully one day this dream will materialise.Are you of help in any way?I am married to one wife and blesed with one son 5years old and one daughter 11/2 years old. My wife is a nurse and our earnings enables us to sustain our family as well as our two old aged mothers.My wife and I none has a father, non of our brothers is employed infact We stay with our two brothers in law ,I have also 5 children of my brother who died of H.I.V. and I do take care of them also, two of these children are in secondary school and the only money their parents left has gone for their education, their brother finished secondary education and is not employed.Even as I write I feel tears but if God can help you assist us, sincerely it will be a great blessing.

  35. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for given schoolarship position in Africa,i will like you to pay in to my bank Account No 0396110000030268,Account holder—Awe.Arinde Fehintola ,Bank name—intercontinetal bank,plc,ayobo,lagos state,Nigeria,mobile no +234–7069529525.
    Queen of africa—–Arinde fehintola oluwatoyin,
    no L24,moferere,ajilosun,Ado ekiti,Ekiti,state,Nigeria

  36. Garba, U. says:

    I am a lecturer in one of the tertiary institutions. I got admission in one the Nigerias’ universities to read M.Ed. in 2008-2009 session. Due to financial problem I Can not pursue with the programme. Please, Kindly assist me with your scholarship so that I would be able to continue with the programme. Thank you for your anticipated coperation.

  37. i am Ethipian i have no father ,i mather ,ihave 4brathers and 5sisters i from poor family casses . i have BA in community development and leadership from Ethiopian Adventist College but now i would like to up grade in to master level any ony who willing to support in financial cases during in my study

  38. peter mulli says:

    Am a Kenyan orphan, my parents died from Hiv/Aids,i was taken by an orphanage where i studied till i finished grade 12 and had a min grade of B-(minus).Am out of the orphanage and i don’t have any one to take care of my higher education so am asking any well wisher or any institution please to take of my needs because i want to further my education taking a bachelor degree in Bcom

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