2015 Online Summer Courses By Various Platforms

Experience Valuable Education This Summer With Summer Online Courses

Online summer courses are the surest ways to fast track the college degree. The intensive online summer programs are designed to provide an academic advantage over a shorter period of time. Taking this summer programs over the internet not only offers convenience and flexibility, but render valuable education and academic qualifications.

Online summer program is all about attending a class that is set in a schedule that you are satisfied and happy to get into. Besides, it also means to have an opportunity to study from anywhere across the world. The society we live in today has witnessed several changes after the advent of technology not only in the way we interact with our fellow students or professors, but also with how we approach our studies.

Today, finding the right institution and platform that offer online summer classes is not a difficult job indeed, considering that there are countless universities and varied online platforms that specialize in online summer programs.

Importance of Taking Summer Online Courses

Time is precious gift God has given to humankind and wasting your time is the most merciless mistakes a person could ever commit. The summer vacation should not be wasted doing nothing. There are many people who have made summer a good excuse for being lazy. Anyone who is serious about their career and want to succeed in life must opt for online summer online courses.

The online summer programs are the great way to gain academic credits and qualification as per your convenience and flexibility. As the name suggest, these online summer courses are offered during summer season and usually fit nicely into a busy schedule of a student and even of a working professional who want to hone their skills with professional education. This web based study format allows students to study at a university that is geographically distant.

Taking online summer classes can help students improve their GPA and international students get the opportunity to use their summer breaks productively. Though summer vacation is meant to take well-earned break from schoolwork, but students who feel unconfident about how to fill this transitional gap between academic years may find researching and taking summer online courses useful. The universities and colleges never shut down at the end of the session; instead they reopen their doors for online summer courses and on-campus summer courses.

2015 Online Summer Courses By Various Platforms


Since conception, edX has been successfully empowering online learning across the globe. edX is the online non-profit educational platform designed by founding partners MIT and Harvard to impart world class education for free. Providing highest quality online courses to a variety of students from across the world is the focus of this online educational platform. This educational platform has been designed for institutions and students who seek to transform themselves with creative pedagogy, cutting edge technologies and rigorous courses. From arts to science and technology, edX is all set to offer simply the best in class online summer courses from some of the renowned professors and universities across the globe.

Saint Louis University, Summer Online Courses

International students who want to succeed in their career and use their summer vacation productively may enroll in one of the summer online courses by Saint Louis University. The School for Professional Studies at SLU offers online summer programs in a wide variety of subjects, ranging from communication to anatomy and much more. The online summer courses usually last for 4-8 weeks and are quite affordable.

The most interesting part is that scholarships are also available to pursue these online courses at the university. The next online summer course will begin in June 2015. So check out the website of SLU to learn more and have a productive summer break.

Tufts University, Summer Session Online Courses

Established in the year 1852, Tufts is the private university and leader in American higher education and globally known for its success as a moderately sized university excelling in research and dedicated towards rendering students with a personal learning experience. The summer session online courses at Tufts University are available to both Tufts and visiting students from across the globe. These online summer courses are offered to students with minimal or no on-campus requirements.

The online summer courses at Tufts University allow students to apply summer credits towards degree-program requirements and accelerate themselves on the pathway to commencement. The courses are subject to same policies and procedures as summer on-campus courses. There is financial assistance available for all students applying for online summer courses.


Coursera is the leading for-profit educational technology company that specializes in providing universal access to the world’s best online education.

This online educational platform partners with the top universities and colleges worldwide to offer online courses and summer program for anyone to take, for free. Students are allowed to choose from hundreds of online summer courses created by the world’s top educational institutions and universities. Online summer courses are open to everyone and education provided through this platform is totally free.

Montana State University, Summer Online Courses

Whether you are working for a summer job, or simply want to fit an extra class into your summer schedule, you will definitely find a suitable summer online course at MSU that meets your specific requirements. Montana State University, Summer Online Courses prepare students with skills and knowledge required for further education and career advancement.

The collaborative and supportive learning environment allows students to succeed in their career and learning. With very minimal tuition fees, Montana State University’s summer online courses offer a level of flexibility and convenience that students find attractive. There are scholarships and financial aid available for students who want to pursue summer online courses at the university.

International Connections Academy Online Summer Courses

Whether you need math credits to support your graduation studies or simply want to learn another foreign language to boost up your career, International Connections Academy’s online summer courses are there to help you achieve your goals easily.

The online summer courses at Connections Academy offer the real freedom and flexibility required to keep learning on your summer vacation to catch up on credits or get ahead. The online summer courses at Connections Academy keep the students engaged academically, while allowing them to enjoy the freedom of summer vacation. With over hundreds of online summer courses, flexible dates and exciting courses to enrich the summer of students, the online summer courses suit the academic needs of all students and their busy summer schedule.

Cornell University, Online Summer Courses

Come experience the excitement of a great Ivy League University by enrolling for summer online courses at Cornell University. Online Summer Courses at Cornell University are the oldest and most prestigious programs of its kind that invite talented minds from across the world to take part in its globally acclaimed 3-6 weeks online programs. The summer online courses at Cornell University are the best way to enjoy learning excellence at an Ivy League University.

Students get the opportunity to study with Cornell faculty member through internet. Besides, students get a head start on college by earning some credits and get a chance to study along with other students from across the globe, all without leaving the convenience of a home. To support the summer education there are few scholarships available that are awarded on need and performance basis.

University of California, Santa Barbara Summer Session

UC, Santa Barbara is the leading research university that specializes in imparting comprehensive summer online courses of varied length. The university offers over 600 summer online courses that allow students interact with the professor and other fellow students online instead of classroom. Summer session students work with the world class faculty and departments to create a unique learning experience in special programs and courses that suit their summer term.

The online summer program at UC Santa Barbara enables the students to get a head start and make improvements towards their degree year round, with housing facility and financial aid. Every year the university manages to enroll over 7400 students from around the world to its summer courses and enrollment to summer courses is open to everyone.

Virginia Commonwealth University, Online Summer Courses & Programs

VCU Summer Programs and Courses are specifically designed to allow students from different background enjoy plentiful of opportunities to meet the academic needs.

With the summer courses at VCU the students engage their talented minds and explore stimulating intellectual concepts. Whether you are a visiting student from high school or university, or a current VCU student, the online summer programs at VCU enable you to get ahead, succeed and catch up or repeat a program you have struggled with in the past. During your summer vacation you will definitely get excited in exploring a topic that doesn’t fit in your regular schedule of academic year.

University of Connecticut, Online Summer Session

University of Connecticut is the renowned and popular public research University of the Country with over 30,000 enrollments every year. University of Connecticut also offers a number of online summer session terms, ranging in length from three weeks to six weeks.

The university manages to offer over 300 online summer courses to students from different background and nations. The summer courses offered over the internet cover a wide variety of special topics and courses. The online summer courses at UConn are about exploring the things and topics that interest the students and growing with that knowledge and discovering the career path on which they will be most successful.

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