Best Universities For African American Students

African Americans represent 12 % of the American population. But those who obtained graduation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) were only 9 %. Their individual participation in the respective subjects was low well below the 10 % mark.

American Institute of Research (AIR) plans to eliminate this disproportion by broadening the chances of participation of underrepresented groups that are traditionally behind in the area of STEM. This concern is reflected in the approach of the Universities that has led to plans and schemes to increase the participation of Afro-Americans in higher studies by providing equal accessibility and opportunity.

The other important chance that most of the Afro Americans tend to miss out is studying abroad and breaking that myth and increasing their participation in also being given prominence. We are giving below some of the best colleges for Afro American students in USA.

Importance of Specific Universities for African American Students

The main reason why universities are promoting Africa American students is to promote diversity in education. College is an expensive investment, and in US there are many African American Students who find it hard to spend money on study. These universities offer scholarships that help in funding students so that they can cover all the cost of higher studies. African students can use funding resource to their studies freely.

Universities Offering Courses To African American Students

University of San Francisco

The University caters to 40 % of minority population of different demographics. About 40 % of the blacks get graduation in this University. Even though the private fees are higher almost about 50 % of the students get grants from various organisations. The total grants received by the students every year is a whopping sum of about $55 million.

Polytechnic Institute of New York University Brooklyn

This University has 52 % of minority population. Even though it is a private institution 99 % of the students get financial aid through grants for their education. The graduation rate of blacks in this University is about 40 %

University of Hawaii, Manoa

This university is almost meant for minority communities with only 20 % of the white students. Percentage of blacks contribute to about 4 % and the graduation rate is 55 %

Harvard University, Cambridge

Harvard has become more diverse in recent years with more and more minority students opting to study here. Graduation rate of the black students is 78 %. The minimum income threshold for making financial contribution is now at $60000 which makes the University an affordable choice.

Rutgers University, New Jersey

This is a public school having a minority population of 58 %. The In station tuition is set at $11000 but 62 % of students get financial grants from Pell grants.

San Francisco State University

More than half of the students here are from the minority community. The graduation rate of black students is 27 %. Almost more than 25 % of the students get grants directly from the University at an average of $ 3268.

Morehouse College Atlanta

It is a historically black liberal arts college for blacks. Traditionally this college has produced more black graduates than any other college. Over 90 % of the education fees are financed through scholarships, loans and grants.

Howard University

This University is ranked as one of the best Universities for blacks with 93 % of enrolment. This University also teaches African-American Culture. Wide varieties of majors are offered to the students. They also have a financial aid programme for those who cannot afford their tuition fees. This University also has some of the best black scholars as faculty.

Spelman College

This College was started by a Baptist female academy I the year 1881 for women and currently has about 2100 female students. The subjects taught here range from biochemistry to world languages. This College is dedicated to produce female graduates from the African descent. The College assists students to get financial aid who are eligible as per the approvals of congress and the department of education.

Florida A & M University

Founded in the year 1887 for the coloured students. 90 % of the students are blacks. This University has 9000 under graduates and 2000 graduate students. This University is becoming the leading one and produces more graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Tuskegee University

This University caters mainly to Science and Engineering founded in the ear 1881.. It has about 3000 students. This is the top University to graduate African American aerospace science engineers.

North Carolina A & T State University

This is one of the top Universities when it comes to agriculture and engineering for the Afro American students. Founded in the year 1989, it has graduation rate of 43 % and has a retention rate of 74 %.

Scholarships For African American Students

There are also some scholarships for African American Students that can be used for completing further studies.

United Negro College Fund

This fund is offered by the same organization which dedicated solely to the educational advancement of African Americans. The organizations partner with state governments and private industry to administer scholarships and grants for needy Black students.

Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Program

This funding is offered by Howard University in Washington. Along with this mentioned funding, the university also offers Frederick Douglass Scholars Program which is offered on the basis of academic excellence.

National Black Nurses Association

This association supports professional and educational interests of African American nurses. The total grant offered is $500 and $2000.

Federal and State Grant Funds

This comprises of Federal Application for Student Financial Aid which offers a grant of $5500. In addition to this, Federal Pell Grants is offered to UG students to meet educational expenses.

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