Ask Questions to Find Right Scholarship – Scholarship Search Tip

Asking the right questions is the key to find suitable scholarship or job.

Students generally ask “what kind of scholarship I can apply?” but the question they should be askingĀ  “What kind school I can get accepted with Financial Aid?”

Once you know what kind of schools you can get accepted, you should ask “How many scholarships are available for you in that school?”

Students should actually write numbers of questions to ask colleges or universities they are intending to apply. For example, “How can I apply for internal scholarships?” or “How much financial support I would need in one academic year to study in this school?” or “What are the external scholarships available?”.

The result may be seeking out different kinds of scholarship opportunities, ones you may not have considered if you had not changed your line of questioning.

Wishing you Success!!


International Student Adviser

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