Australia Embraces International Students Under the Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) Visa Category

Policies have been reviewed that have helped increase the number in the international student visa and this call is for a celebration for international students who wish to aspire education in Australia.

Australia sees a decline in the student visa after certain changes that were made in the global and local factors influencing the same in the years 2009-2011.

Hon Michael Knight AO head of Australian student visa program has a hand in contributing for the increase in numbers through his review section which was initiated in the year 2010. His main aim was to bring to notice the financial impact that the country was aiming at.

Issues like a very streamlined method of visa processing which has lower immigration risk. Introduction of work arrangements up to 4 years for Temporary Graduate visastudents who have been successful in completing their graduation degree in order to help them, get an exposure of Australian work culture and also at the same time help the Australian markets to remain in competition globally.

The Australian Government has amended the changes and has renamed the visa category as Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) in the March of 2013. Under this amendment post study work arrangements for qualified graduates, master’s and doctorate student is available in Australia, giving them a touch of Australian markets and absorbing there potential for its economical growth. This initiative is open to students completing Australian degrees and giving them acceptance within the country.

Sophie Montgomery, Assistant Secretary, Education Tourism and International Arrangements, commented that on how change in policies in the government system can help initiate growth and financial status of the country. She appreciated the changed policy regarding the student visa and assured a high standard of education level and professionalism from international students.

Department of immigration has shown a rise in the visa applications figures that have been amounted to increase by 7.1 % in the fall of 2013 in comparison to the declining numbers in 2012. This assures the acceptance of change in visa policies for international students and also will help in economical growth of the nation.

It can be remarked as another golden opportunity in the kitty of international students and can be seen as an option that must not be missed by the competent candidates. The policy renewal is aiming to help the education and the economic sector both with the recommendations that have been introduced.

Huge numbers of applications and enquiries are been exchanged regarding the new implemented policy for international students and Australia is expecting an increase in the number of international students in the coming semester as intimidated by the Department of Immigration and Border Control.

Nidhi Malhotra

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