Best Free Online Courses For Small Business Owners In 2015

At times business may seem unachievable and unfeasible for small-to-medium business owners. With the legislation to follow, red tape to manage, wages to pay and staff to lead, the time and efforts required for further high education may seem quite impossible to fit it in your schedule.

However, to become a successful entrepreneur, gaining new skills and knowledge is pivotal that allows you to stay ahead of trends, innovative ways of thinking and industry development. The good news is that countless free online courses are within one’s reach now which are offered by some of the best and renowned knowledge institutions in the world. These courses can be done in your time and in your own convenient schedule.

Why Sign-Up For Free Open Online Courses?

Willingness to grasp new things is the prime hallmarks of a successful business owner. These online free courses are the effective way to help entrepreneur grab new knowledge and information and hone their skill set as these courses are designed with the busy life in mind, thus allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Today, in fact there is no limit to what you can learn with the use of open course materials available over the internet. Whether you are a small business owner, or looking forward to become one in future, forget to get buried into debts by enrolling for on-campus business course, rather prove your skills and business savvy by reaping the benefits of free open online courses for small business owners 2015.

Benefits Of Free Open Online Courses

Being a successful small business owner you might know how to operate and run a business. These skills are gained either through errors or several trails or simply grasped from previous jobs. It is undeniable fact that the skill set required to run a successful business is not static, as it keeps on changing with the market trends. So, you need to learn and be open to hone your skills to improve your business.

These online programs and courses are specifically designed to help business owners get started and successfully run their business. Earning an online degree offers a great advantage to the business owners, especially when they intend to start their own business.

Obviously, not everyone is financially sound to cover the expensive tuition fees and attend a school to earn a degree. So, these free online courses are dedicatedly designed to educate the small business owners to help them succeed in their endeavors.

Importance Of Free Online Courses For Small Business Owners

People who want to start own business actually take a calculated risk. However, they can take some crucial steps to improve their chances of succeeding at their dream. One way is to pursue free online courses for small business owners offered by the renowned universities and institutions across the world. These free online courses can help the small business owners in different ways and educate them about the big picture, real-world skills and ideas that are required to know how to plan, launch and fund a business.

Applicants looking forward to earn a business degree with a focus on entrepreneurship can combine the core online courses in business fundamentals with thorough studies of entrepreneurial principles like strategic planning, marketing, accounting, management and much more. Some of these free online courses can be done any time, while for other courses the applicants need to register and wait for the next sessions. However, they need to spark ideas about learning tools at hand.

Some Of The Popular Free Online Courses For Small Business Owners In 2015

For Entrepreneurship

RMIT University Melbourne is the leading university to offer free online courses on Entrepreneurship and Family Business that starts from February 2015 and ends on March 2015. The course is sub-categorized into four modules, each comprising ten video materials. The course focuses on the entire range of starting and successfully running a business, right from funding techniques to business planning and managing working staff and succession planning.

Business owners with a tech bent business concept may consider the Technology Entrepreneurship course offered by Stanford University. The course is taught by the assistant professor in department of management science & technology, Chuck Eesley. The captivating aspect of this course is that it has a practical element, where the students need to create teams to establish their own start-up ideas and the selected top teams will share their business concepts to potential investors for their investments.

Finance & Accounting Courses Beneficial For Small Business Owners

Hiring an accountant would be the better solution for you indeed, but having the right skills in the area ensure that you make informed decision and have complete control over your accounts. Wharton University of Pennsylvania has come forth with its 6-week long open online courses on accounting and finance, Introduction to Corporate Finance.

The course focuses on improving fluency in financial accounting and teaches you how to interpret financial statements. University of Michigan also offer an online course called Introduction to Finance, which focuses on offering foundation in the elementary principles of valuation and help students understand the financial risk.

Online Courses Marketing For Small Business Owners

Undeniably, digital marketing is the most crucial parcel of company’s activities, however if you find difficulty or struggling to write content for publication over the internet, then enroll for Writing for the Web course offered by Open2Study. This is the most accommodating course that helps you to find the difference between writing for the web versus for print, how your content must look after it has been published and how effectively write web content.

If you are running a business in service sector then course like Services Marketing – Selling the Invisible would be helpful for you indeed. This course by Betina Crooks is offered via OpenLearning and elucidates the difference between product marketing and service and provides you with tips on how brand a service over the internet.

A complete 4-week course is also offered by Polytechnic West in name of Principles of Project Management. The course explains the advantages of efficient project management and even teaches you how to manage a project successfully right from the conceptualization phase to its execution stage.

Courses for Growth in Business

If global expansion is the prime agenda for you in 2015 go for 4-week online course by Griffith University called Introduction to Business in Asia. This online course covers the crucial modules on Asian Leadership and management culture, styles and business in Asian countries and personal relationships. One week of the course is dedicated to students that allow them to do business in China.

How to shape your company in future and what are the right skills to lead the company successfully are some questions that will be addressed by the 5-week online course by University of London, Managing the Company of the Future. This open online course targets both conventional principles of management and compares them to alternative principles which are increasingly becoming crucial in current marketplace.

Courses for Leader and Manager

Students who desire to become a better and innovative leader by having a richer life may enroll in Total Leadership program offered by Wharton University. The program is offered online via renowned online education platform, Coursera. It is not just limited to work; instead the program focuses to help the future entrepreneurs create a better balance and harmony amongst the diverse aspects of their life.

One of the crucial business skills that entrepreneurs must have is negotiation and you can improve your negotiating skills with the practical tips offered through a course by University of Michigan called, Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills. This self paced online course on negotiating tips is designed around four key phases of business negotiation – Planning, Negotiating, Creating a Contract and Performing the Contract.

A course called Management for a Competitive Edge is also offered by International College of Management. It is an online introductory management course that comprises crucial topics such as significance of planning and goal setting, what defines a successful leader and how to develop sustainable competitive advantages.

Courses for Future Innovator

It is undeniable fact that design thinking is the conventional to alternative technique of problem solving in businesses. University of Virginia has come forth with a four-week online program called Design Thinking for Business Innovation, which is offered through online education platform, Coursera. The course offers the applicants with an in-depth overview of the tools and process required for design thinking.

University of Maryland has also taken a back-to-basics approach towards creativity and innovation by introducing an online program for small business owners, Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship. The course educates the applicants to identify and develop great ideas into a multinational company. This online program focuses on demystifying the start-up process to help novice business owners to develop skills and act on innovative opportunities presently as well as in future.