Beware of School Party Trap

Gone are the days, when education was to impart knowledge and impart moral values. Today it has become a profitable business for the marketers and a biggest investment for parents for making their child’s future.

Today an enormous amount of focus is on different aspects of marketing like branding, advertising and public relations by the colleges and Institutes. They spend a million of rupees over it. They design different sales pitch in order to convince parents to go for their product and the unwary parents get easily trapped into their expensive embellishments, that have very little to do with education.

Education has taken a back seat and it is more of entertainment in most of the colleges/ Institutes today. Students are treated as customers and college administration are customizing their programs according to want and say of students. Students want and need more free time, few lectures, fewer tests, less course etc. Today colleges and institutes look more like tourist-resorts and holiday homes where students come to spend their time enjoying and partying.

Lakhs of rupees have been invested in Gourmet food courts, residence halls, workout centers, Alumni centers, and water parks so that students can have great time. All these perquisites cost millions leading to huge college admission fees.

I guess the rate at which the marketers are increasing the college fees, is not even comparable with the price of crude oil and health care.It is absolutely more than that.

Even if you see the college brochures you will find more number of photographs of the residence halls, water parks, fitness centre’s rather than the classrooms, library and computer centers where the students are studying. The focus is on the frills offered by the institutes not on education. At the time of admissions they also promise high paid recruitments, but this actually is not the truth, many school alumni are unable to find high paid careers. Some of the alumni default on his/her loan too.

Not all colleges/Schools are party schools but parents and students need to look beyond the marketing tactics of the schools. Consult with the recent pass outs.

It is a very crucial decision of student’s life and a wrong decision can ruin a student’s career and huge amount of parents hard earned money.

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Wishing you success!!!

Preeti Supyal

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