Canada Fast Track Immigration: Retaining International PhD Talent

Nowadays, Research has become a sector of utmost importance. Research and development helps in getting a competitive edge in the global scenario to any country. In the same stream, taking a step ahead, Canadian government has also added a new initiative to attract International PhD talent to Canada through a new permanent resident policy.

Under this initiative, every year 1000 international PhD students will be accepted for permanent residency under Federal Skilled Worker Program. Federal Skilled worker program has been an important mechanism in retaining skilled professionals in Canada. Application package of which can be downloaded from the website and sent via mail with completely filled details and immigration fees to Centralized Intake Office for Federal Skilled Worker Applications in Sydney, Nova Scotia (Canada).Through this program, Canada aims to promote development in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This Developmental effort has been initiated by Ministry of Science and technology and Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Canada.

Unlike past, Canada has now become a hub of renowned institutions providing education at reasonable cost without compromising with quality education. Further Canadian G-13 Universities group which includes McGill University, Dalhousie University, Queen’s University etc are the some of the prominent universities of world and are also the participating universities of Federal skilled worker program.. These Universities provide most research intensive environment and exposure to international students through joint exchange programmes. Due to these reasons, Canada is able attract a lot of international graduate level talent. Presently, International students comprises one- fourth of total students enrolled in PhD programmes in Canada.

Every year, number of people all over the world applies for permanent residency in Canada. In 2010, 280,681 people were accepted as permanent residents which was the highest number in last 50 years. Thus, with this initiative Canada will be able to retain more skilled people and convert the influx of international talent in national strength.

For international students to get eligible for this programme, they need to have completed two years of study towards PhD and must have good academic record at provincially recognized post secondary institution at Canada. Further, International students who graduated from a PhD program at a provincially or territorially recognized private or public post-secondary educational institution in Canada and graduated no more than 12 months before the date their application is received will also be eligible.

Apart from this initiative, Canada has already been working towards retaining international talent through Canadian Experience Class Program, Federal skilled workers and BC Provincial Nominee Program. Recently, 10,000th permanent resident applicants are accepted under Program, which allows temporary foreign workers and foreign students who have graduated in Canada to become eligible for permanent residence in Canada.

Earlier, International students had to wait for seven years for getting the permanent residency status in Canada, but now the path towards seeking permanent residency will become much easier for graduate international students. In 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has decided to accept 55,000-57,000 federal skilled workers. With this, International PhD students can avail an excellent opportunity of getting permanent residency even without having a job offer.

With the escalating research sector, Canada is becoming one of the prominent developed nations leaving behind the shadow of US and makes you ready to compete in knowledge based world economy.


Vidhi Johri

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