All You Must Know About Canada Student Visa For Indians

A Canada student visa happens to be a multiple entry visa that is issued to students who wish to pursue studies in recognized educational institutions in the nation of Canada. The duration of validity of the visa depends on the duration of the course of study.

There are several steps that the student needs to follow in order to gain the Canada student visa. They are simple but must be followed attentively.

Mandatory Counselling Session

It is necessary for all aspiring candidates to first attend a counselling session at their closest branch in order to understand the options available to them for possible courses of study, destination and recommended institutions.

In the next step, the candidate may or may not opt to register with an organization that will help them begin the process of admission and bring them one step closer to getting their Canada student visa. These organizations assist in the navigation through various stages and make the entire experience of studying overseas simpler and more convenient. They offer their services to students for free and many enjoy support from the government.

Admission Application

Once the candidate has chosen the location and course of study, they must fill in applications to the institutions of their choice. The process involves the submission of various documents including proof of past academic qualifications and most importantly, proof of English language skills. It is necessary to send in the applications before time.

If the candidate sends in their application through an organization, they will assume responsibility for tracking the application’s progress and send the applicants regular automatic notifications. The organizations also stay in touch with the institutions on behalf of the students.

Medical Tests

Once the application has been submitted, the student must undertake a thorough medical check-up by a doctor approved by the government of Canada. The student will have to check the list of the approved panel doctors. During medicals, the candidate will be offered a receipt which they need to submit during the time of lodging the final visa application. The medical report will be sent automatically to the visa office.

Proper Organization Of Funds

The candidate is required to offer suitable evidence of purchase of a special GIC or Guaranteed Investment Certificate from a participating economic institution in Canada. At present, the only bank that offers this facility is Scotia Bank. The GIC covers an amount of $10,000 CAD for the living expenses in the first year and proof of payment of the tuition fee for the first year. The alternative is to submit a copy of the receipt for the tuition fee payment for the first year along with a copy of an educational loan from a chartered bank in India equivalent to the amount of $10,000 CAD to meet the economic requirement of the student.

Payment Of Tuition Fees

Once the student pays the tuition fees of the Canadian institution it indicates that he/she has accepted the offer from the education provider. These fees can be paid either through Direct Debit (DD) method or Telegraphic Transfer (TT). If the candidate has registered with an organization, they will receive value added services which will help them arrange for either of these payment approaches. As soon as the institutions have received and processed the candidate’s tuition fee payment, a receipt will be issued that is essential to lodge a Canada student visa application.

Key Documents

A student visa in Canada is referred to as a Study Permit. A student can lodge a visa application only if they can provide suitable documents. In case of any doubt, the candidate must get in touch with the visa office.

Visa Outcome

Candidates can collect their Canada student visa as soon as they know the status of the application. Most students get positive reactions and then they need to start planning for accommodation and travel to Canada.

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