Career in Petroleum Industry

Petroleum or we can say “Liquid Gold” is the primary and non-renewable source of energy. The petroleum industry is growing globally and the Gulf countries are the hub for this industry. Oil, methane, natural gas, hydrocarbons, crude oil, etc. are the common products of the petroleum family. This giant industry includes extraction, refining, exploration, transportation (often by oil tankers and pipelines) and marketing of crude oil and petroleum products. This industry has three sections: upstream, downstream and middle stream. Petroleum is the raw material for many products like pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides and plastics. Fuel oil and gasoline are the largest used products.

One can choose the Oil and Gas Industry as his dream career which provides a large number of job opportunities to the candidates and pays very high salaries to its employees. It is a highly rewarding career and also provides adventurous working opportunities to travel to distant places. There are many career opportunities worldwide in the petroleum industry which involves people of all levels and areas of expertise, in civilian and government sectors, profit and non-profit sectors. This industry provides a good path to move on to the experienced holders and the newcomers to this field.

10 Prominent Universities/Colleges Offering Petroleum Technology Courses

1) Colorado School of Mines in U.S.: – Colorado School of Mines is a public institution that was founded in 1874.This College is among the best petroleum engineering colleges in the world. This is famous for its research & development and its petroleum engineering training.

2)  Curtin University in Australia: – The Curtin University provides top quality teachings and trainings to students who are interested with the field of petroleum engineering. The school offers advanced programs and is affiliated with major petroleum companies and institutions worldwide.

3) University of New South Wales in Australia: – This University was founded in 1949. This is a research-focused university excel in the field of petroleum engineering.

4) Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi: – This University was established in 2001 to offer a variety of engineering degrees and excels in the fields such as the Metallurgical & Polymer Science and Petroleum Geosciences.

5) Marietta College in America: – Marietta College is known for its bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, Geology, Athletic Training and Physician Assistant programs, as well as its China Program.

6) Universiti Teknologi Petronas in Malaysia: -This is famous for its petroleum engineering trainings and academic teach-ins. Students do not have a tough time in finding employment after graduating from this school because they can always opt to work with Petronas, as this school is owned by the famous Petronas Company in Malaysia.

7) Al-Habeeb College of Engineering and Technology in India: -AL Habeeb Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization, has started AL Habeeb College of Engineering & Technology. This college is one of India’s prides when it comes to petroleum engineering academic trainings. This provides excel in on geology, petro physicists, geophysics, formation evaluation, production engineering, well testing, drilling engineering, reservoir stimulation, experimental measurement methods, reservoir engineering, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

8) University of Stavanger in Norway: – University of Stavanger provide teachings to students of bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in the field of petroleum engineering,  geosciences engineering, production engineering and reservoir engineering.

9) University of Tulsa in USA: – The University of Tulsa’s McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering offers bachelor’s degree, Master’s in Engineering and Master’s in Science as well as Ph.D. programs.

10)  Heriot-Watt University in United Kingdom: – Established in 1821, is the world’s first mechanics’ University. This is well known for its Petroleum Engineering.

Career Prospects

Science students with a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s in Science as well as Ph.D. programs are the demand of the petroleum industry. There is a long hirerchy of the designations in petroleum industries from drilling underground or under the sea floor crude oil to refining it to fuels and petrochemicals products. Various related industries and showrooms also appoint petroleum industry students for specific profiles. Growing jobs in petroleum sector include different designations depending upon the qualification, skill and experience some of the designations are drill crew, geoscientists and exploration engineers, senior planners, Petroleum Technologist, Senior Petro Physicist, Technical Support Engineer, Marine Engineer, Geochemist, Subsea Engineer, Drilling Foreman, Mud Logger, Measurement & Control Technician, Fabricators and Drilling Engineer etc.

Courses for a bright Career in Oil and Gas Industry

Subsea Engineering: – Understanding the workings of subsea oil and gas production systems.
Fundamentals of Offshore Field Development: – It explains the stages involved in offshore oil and gas production and the vessels supporting it, from exploration and surveying to drilling, construction and supply.
Construction and Operations Courses: -Material selection, design, installation, flow, defect assessment and integrity management of pipelines.
Marine Drilling Courses: – Understanding the hardware and processes involved in offshore drilling for oil and gas.
Petroleum Engineering: – Essential engineering knowledge for the upstream oil and gas industry, from exploration to production.
Exploration & Production Logistics: – Maximizing the efficiency of inward logistics for oil and gas exploration and production.
Pipeline Engineering: – It is about Material selection, design, construction, installation, flow, maintenance, defect assessment and integrity management of onshore and offshore pipelines.
Petroleum geology: – This field is about the study of origin, occurrence, accumulation, movement and exploration of hydrocarbon fuels.

Top Ten World’s Largest Oil Companies

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
National Iranian Oil Company, Tehran
Qatar Petroleum, Qatar.
Iraq National Oil Company, Iraq
Petroleos de Venezuela, Venezuela
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, UAE
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Nigeria
Libya NOC, Libya
Sonatrach, Algeria
Indian Oil Corporation, India

As compared with other engineering branches, petroleum engineering professionals also face a number of difficulties like, while search new oilfields, petroleum engineers stay in remote and distant areas. Good education and excellent academic record in the study provide job opportunities in global petroleum companies and young engineers can also get international exposure.

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