Careers With A Humanities Degree

In this era of creativity and innovation, no field of education has limited approach. While science is breaking new paths, humanities as a subject help to tap into human interactions and emotions thus giving rise to successful career prospects. If we talk about humanities, now days it is not limited to history, geography or civics.Creative, interactive and innovative topics like psychology, soft skills, fashion, design and many more have been added to this field along the passing years, which eliminates the scarcity of jobsfor students of humanities section. Now you don’t need to think twice to go for this field, if you don’t want to be a techie. There exists a plethora of opportunities for the students with degrees in humanities. You just have to follow your heart and research well before applying for any course related to this field.

Now, Let us talk about some career prospects present, if you have degrees in humanities:


A psychologist is a person who is trained to listen and solve emotional problems. PhD in Psychology gives you an opportunity to work as a psychologist in a firm or a hospital. You can also open your own venture as a psychologist or work as a professor of psychology.

Soft Skill Trainers And Motivational Speakers

It’s a new and in-trend sector for humanities students. Soft skills trainers and motivational speakers teach positive perspective to live life in order to decrease stress.  This corporate world needs soft skill trainers and motivational speakers to give a human touch to the working environment.

Freelance Writers

You can easily work as freelance writers after taking up humanities you become proficient in expressing views and ideas in writing. Big names in the media are always in search of good writers. You can easily write online or offline as per your requirement.

Fashion Designers

This sector can earn you an international platform to display your idea; you just need to have passion for it. Big brands hire fashion designers to keep up with the industry. You can even start your own business if you have a degree in Fashion designing from a renowned college. Fashion designers can do magic with the simplest of clothes and accessories and are always in demand.

Political Analyst

A professional Political analyst is always in demand by the media and even big government agencies. You need to have a degree in political science, political history and international relations etc. If diplomacy is one of your traits then political analyst is the best and high earning job for you.

Museum Curator

If you love history and admire museums then you can earn a degree in library science to handle the sophisticated artifacts in order to preserve our culture and past. It’s a challenging job as keeping artifacts safe and earning their knowledge is a sophisticated task.

Media Specialist

You can apply for different courses related to journalism and media and become a media specialist. It is a vast industry and many big education institutions offer courses which target media related jobs. As a media specialist you need to research and able to present your research in front of camera.


It’s a respectable and high end earning job which gives you independence to portray your vision and thinking process. Big magazines, newspapers and even online media need editors and proofreaders. So just polish your writing skills in a particular language of your choice to excel in this career. Master degree is beneficial for the students who want to be an editor.

Public Relation Officers

If you love to talk and connect with people and you think that you are a natural in bonding with a variety of people then you can apply for jobs as Public relation officer in various government and non government offices. There are many degrees and PR courses available these days, just choose a good institution to follow the program.


You can go for a degree in physical anthropology or social anthropology as per your choice and can become an anthropologist.It’s a challenging but interesting job. So, if you have curiosities about different human culture and traditions you should take up sociology or anthropology. Many government and non government agencies hire anthropologists; you can also work as a freelancer and get grants to pursue your work.

Civil Servant

If you have a higher degree in humanities, you can always prepare for civil service examinations for bureaucratic posts in various government agencies and departments. As a civil servant, you get good salaries and respectable designations. You need to choose a particular subject in humanities to qualify the main exam, but need to have the basic knowledge of almost every subject.

So, in order to conclude! I can say that, gone were the days when the field of humanities was considered as the second choice because of less career opportunities. In this era of human interaction at every step in every office, you can find good and high earning jobs if you choose to study humanities. Just choose wisely.

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