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Careers in Psychology APA – (American Psychological Association) – Psychology as a career option has gained a lot of momentum lately. The study of Human Brain has triggered the research interest of neurologists, linguists, psycho and socio linguists alike. Psychology has been regarded as panacea for dealing with the huge Pandora’s Box of human problems. We find young students really craving a career in Psychology. It could be regarded as a welcome change.

It is very interesting to know that the domain of Psychology is a vast one with so many career options to choose from. After pursuing an undergraduate/graduate degree in Psychology you might be allured to join a firm as a counselor. Career counselors could be in hot demand depending on the way they deal with employability and employee related stress and other factors. The better you do the more successful you are. As simple as that.

You could also opt to be a School Psychologist. These jobs are hot and are in vogue at present. Dealing with learning disorders could be a challenging in itself. When you could help students perform better and help them improve their scores and over-all performance you will have had a successful career. Genetic Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Engineering Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Industrial/Corporate Psychologist, Special Education Teacher- are some of the meaty career choices that you could lay hands on.

About American Psychological Association: APA is an umbrella concern overseeing some of the broadest research work pertaining to Psychology.  It encourages breakthrough research work. APA is a colossal body that provides jobs’ and research platforms to enthusiastic, ambitious, aspirant psychologists.

APA patrons research through federal funding agencies and also gives an opportunity to showcase your ideas by means of publications. The website of APA is a highly comprehensive one giving us some insight into the current day topics based on Psychology. In fact APA is a one-stop destination for all your queries in the domain.

How to become a Psychologist:  The first and foremost requisite to become a psychologist is to have a Graduate/Master’s Degree in Psychology. During your Graduate sojourn in Psychology you will be exposed to fundamental topics of Psychology like the Language learning, Brain, Memory, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and many more.  This is the first year and in the second year you will be active doing practical/project work as a clinical psychology-intern, counselor or industrial and organizational psychology- intern. Your actual career as a Psychologist is purely based on your performance and research interests in one of these three domains.

APA offers many educational opportunities too. Your stint with APA could actually begin at K 12 level. You can then pursue your undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post doctoral degrees at APA. There is financial assistance offered to the right candidate too.

APA offers employment to genuine psychology enthusiasts. You could just stop by to find any meaningful employment that’s in sync with your career ambitions.

If you are Psychology enthusiast then you should become the member of APA. The association with APA is lifetime enrichment. You would not only be a privileged member but you could avail some awesome benefits.

APA offers accreditation to the doctoral programs offered in the areas of Clinical, Counseling and School Psychology. However accreditation from a recognized body becomes mandatory to carve niche as a psychologist in certain disciplines.

A career in Psychology could be quite fetching too. There are some highest paying jobs in the domain if you pursue seriously and professionally.  So time to think now!

Wishing you Success!!

Ayesha Afsar

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