China – An Emerging Study Destination for International Students

Few years ago, developed countries like the United States of America, UK, Canada, etc. dominated the higher education market. Also, students considered pursuing these reputed educational destinations before any other participating country in the international study field.

However, a lot has changed in the recent past and some new players have merged on the education market, offering students wide-range of options to study abroad. These days, countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, China etc. are competing with US and UK for international students

China is one player that’s fast garbing attention of the international students, interested in pursuing higher education abroad. But this shift hasn’t occurred overnight for China. And the credit to put China on international study map goes to Chinese government, who for half-a-century tried their best to improve their educational system so it can compete with top players when it comes to luring international students.

Why Study in China: There was a time when no one would have imagined China emerging as a competitor on education market. But China’s efforts to become power to be reckoned with in educational sphere started in 1950 when it got 33 students from the East European countries. It was noted in 2001 that China received 61,869 students from 169 countries in 2001, who wanted to pursue higher studies in the country. By securing 2% share in 2008, China emerged as the only developing country to do so and announced its arrival on the international education sphere.

Popular Scholarships in China for International Students i.e. Chinese Government Scholarships: Chinese government is doing all it can to not just lure international students but to keep them until the course ends. The number of international students opting to study in China has only increased in the recent past. Introduction of new study reforms to facilitate international students and handing out of scholarships to deserving candidates from various countries has also contributed towards China’s aim to attract as many international students as possible. Students from African countries have increased considerable in the recent past due to Chinese government scholarship program.

Here’s name of some of the Chinese scholarships for international students:

  1. The Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme for international students
  2. CHINA/UNESCO: The Great Wall Fellowship Scheme
  3. Distinguished International Students Scholarship Scheme
  4.  HSK Winner Scholarship Scheme

Courses Offered: To grab attention of international students and to join the ranks of U.S. and UK, China offers both diploma and non-diploma education and studying opportunities for Masters and PhD students including training and research.

As China understands the need to provide quality education to attract more international students. Universities there not just encourage students to join Chinese educational institute to purse masters and doctoral degrees. Some universities have started to offer courses directly in foreign languages to make it easier for international students to study in China.

Advantages of studying in China: There are many advantages of opting to study in China like:

  • Cost of Living in China: One of the biggest reasons for opting to study in China could also be the cost of living in the country that’s far less than what you’d have to spend in a developed country on your education.
  • To impart quality education to students China is employing competent professors and researchers from countries like US and UK.
  • Its educational institutes have started to rank among top 100 in the QS world ranking of universities.
  • China, today, is not just offering quality education but job opportunities for students are huge.

Cultural Experience: China is known for its huge population all over the world but that’s not the only thing it’s known for. Apparently, China is among oldest civilizations and richest economy in the world. It has a rich and diverse culture that will add new valuable inputs to a student’s perspective. As more and more international students from various parts of the world are choosing to study in China, knowing and understanding new cultures, traditions, people etc will be good for any student.

By opening itself to international students, China has also managed to better its political, diplomatic and economic ties with other countries.

China definitely has managed to grab eyeballs. Yet Chinese universities still have a long way to go before they break into the top league and become a hot-shot destination for international students. However, China most certainly has proved that it can be considered for pursuing higher studies by international students. And if China stayed focused towards opening itself to the world and creating and improving education to highest level, then maybe one day it would be able stand alongside major players in the game.

Priyanka Sharma

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