Coursera Ties Up With Google & Other Top Companies

Experts from the top companies in the world such as Instagram and Google are helping Coursera to develop the projects known as Capstones for Coursera Specializations.

It was a year ago when Coursera, the online education platform, launched ‘specializations’. These specializations are similar to the college credentials offered by the many educational institutions.

The students need to take a certain number of classes followed by a ‘capstone’ project. Only after the completion of the project, the students can graduate. These projects showcase the ability of the students to utilize their academic knowledge into something practical.

Now, the groups to study under Coursera are reaching the end of their studies. They are getting their projects ready and Coursera has decided to help them get the necessary practical experience by gathering an array of partners in the industry to create and also to judge these projects.

Coursera directed its projects with the help of Google for the specialization of Mobile Cloud Computing. For Data Science course, Coursera took the help of Swift Key. Google took the best Android apps created by the students and featured them in the Play Store apart from giving the winners a Nexus tablet each. iHeart Media had partnered with Coursera for their Modern Musician specialization.

According to Rick Levin, former Yale president and current CEO of Coursera, the primary idea behind these capstone projects is for helping the students. The projects allow the students to put their newfound knowledge into practical use in order to create something which can be of immense value to them. This is because the item becomes a part of the portfolio of the student.

Coursera has brought together an amazing array of industry leaders for the new batch. These leaders include, Shazam, Instagram, Snapdeal and 500 Startups.

For example, Mike Krieger, the co-founder of Instagram, is helping to create a project and will also be the judge of the capstone projects from the Interaction Design specialization of Coursera. Shazam and Snapdeal partnered with Coursera to help in the creation of the project by the students of theBusiness Foundationsspecialization.

Coursera is also working with the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania in this regard. Last but not the least is 500 Startups which will give an incredible opportunity to the top performers in the specialization of Entrepreneurship. They will get the chance to pitch some of their ideas to the partners of 500 Startups.

According to Rick Levin, the fields of business and technology were naturally suitable for the trail of these projects. After all, there is a huge demand in these fields for career preparation. These partnerships may not be specifically set up for the purpose of hiring the best students by the companies. However, Coursera is not all going to discourage the companies from hiring its students.

Startups possibly has a lot of interest in the pitches of the students so that they can make investments.

Coursera is expected to increase its partnerships for these projects and expand onto other fields not related to technology or business. A philanthropy organization can easily be the sponsor of a capstone project for the different special courses in education, for example.

It is also highly likely that some of the companies will be interested in working with the students for some time before letting someone else do it.

Rick Levin believes that the scenario should be left to develop organically. However, it is also a fact that there is no requirement which states that the capstone project in all the subjects has to come from an unassociated organization.

For detailed information go through the coursera’s site.

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