Cover Letter for Internship

Internships are good for students who want to gain practical experience in short span of time. These days, the interest for internships is increasing day by day. There are so many employers who ask the intern applicants to submit the best yet professional cover letter along with their resume.

Cover letter is nothing but generic idea on what your resume is all about. Right from the passion till your interest and the opportunities for you to work are offered in the internship. Once your application is reviewed by the employer and if he/she gets convinced with the style of writing that you have showed, then certainly the job is all yours.

However, at the end, it entirely depends on what type of cover letter you make. A passionate and a genuine cover letter often hold great importance. Always remember, first impression is the last impression. Hence, try to create the best impression among the employer.

What is a Cover Letter for Internship?

Internship is one way to gain the experience of working. It is one kind of opportunity of the students to show their talent and knowledge on how much they have grasped so far with regards to the education. Cover letter is nothing but precise yet meaningful information about the resume and the work that is done by you so far and why the company should choose you. It is one kind of short information for the employer to let him know how you have been in your prior work so far.

Format of the Cover Letter

There is a typical short yet simple format of cover letter for internship which you need to follow. It tends to come with the format which includes:

1. 1st Para – Why you wish to write

2. 2nd/3rd Para – What you are planning to offer.

3. Last Para – Follow up, if any

There is no need for you to complicate such cover letter. It is pretty easy to understand and all that matters to make such format effective is the use of professional words. There are so many different types of cover letters for internship that you can opt for such as: Standard Cover Letter, Desired Experience Cover Letter, and Personal Statement. All these letters have got specific properties that you must understand and accordingly opt for the right type and make the right yet effective format.

Purpose of Cover Letter

The basic purpose of such cover letter which is designed for internship is to express their interest and desire for the intern position.

It offers the information about you which generally your resume may not specify. There are so many students who look forward to gain the intern experience. Employers also show their keen interest to choose such professionals. However, to create that good impression in mind of the employers, you need to ensure that you mention the right purpose of the cover less and present it in such a manner that your direction and passion towards a career that you have chosen is properly expressed.

Things that you Must Include in Your Cover Letter

Introduction: In this part of letter you need to mention who you are as a person. You should include your name, address and salutation along with the necessary other basic details.

Main Body: Then comes the main body of the cover letter in which you should mention you academic achievements, goals, specific job positions that you are looking forward when working as an intern.

Conclusion: this is the last part of the letter in which you need to end up your entire cover letter in a professional member, For this, you must thank the reader for his time and close it with using the salutations like Sincerely and then have a personal signature on it.

Mistakes to Avoid

Try not to mention any information in long sentence. Make sure your details are short and precise as the employer has got no time to read everything so much in detail. Avoid using ME and me. Always remember its building your relation with the employer business.

The content must be generic and should have the positive approach towards the employers and the business where you are planning to apply.

Your cover letter must be catchy enough to grasp the attention of the employer. So revamp your cover letter with the best style and format and get yourself selected as the best intern.

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