Curtin University Collaborates With edX to Expand Its Global Reach 

Curtin University recently announced to expand its global reach by partnering with the leading and renowned online educational platform, edX. It is the prime focus of the university to collaborate with this online educational platform and become the first non-group university amongst the eight top universities to partner with the largest massive open online course (MOOC) provider, edX.

The partner universities of edX include some of the renowned and famous top ranking universities of the world that are globally acclaimed for its cutting edge technologies, creative pedagogy etc. edX educational platform has a great reputation for offering world class high education through online platform for the convenience of students.

The partnership of Curtin University with this online platform will truly extend the consortium’s range of offerings with massive open online courses in Digital marketing, Mining, Trans-media Storytelling that are planned for the upcoming 12 months.

According to the officials of the university, Curtin University is the only Western Australian University to partner with this renowned educational platform and fourth in Australia.

Vice Chancellor of Curtin University, Professor Deborah Terry said, “Curtin is transforming its learning experience to become an international leader in education and research, and becoming a member of the edX consortium opens many opportunities for Curtin to collaborate in teaching and learning with leading international universities,”.

Considering the statement of Professor Terry, it is confirmed that Curtin University is now looking forward to use the potential and flexibility of online education and hence successfully integrating the massive open online courses with its existing degree programs. This partnership will really offer Curtin several opportunities to work together with some of the leading international universities from across the world.

The officials of the university also confirmed that this collaboration will really improve the on-campus learning and teaching and it will give the university ample opportunities to develop a global community for the online learners who will be involved with Curtin program actively.

Professor Terry further added, “We are creating new pathways to education that certify and integrate formal and informal learning through flexible learning opportunities that integrate existing MOOCs with online degree programs”.

So, this statement highlights that Curtin University is becoming a competitive university of Australia with global presence, while being progressive and innovative by integrating online education with its existing programs. The first program to be launched on edX platform will be the Business of Mining and it will start from middle of June 2015, the officials confirmed.

Massive Open Online Course offers the advanced introduction for non-operational staff, suppliers, employees and other contractors supporting the industry. And Curtain University’s latest approach towards education adopts the ultimate amalgamation of digital media and traditional media across various platforms so as to confront the conservative thought and to inspire learning with collaboration and exploration. The officials of the university said that the next generation of digital education adopted by the university will be a highly interactive experience for the online learners and it leverages social networks, challenge based learning designs and other types of recognition such as badges.