Delft University of Technology Online Course on Industrial Biotechnology

Delft University of Technology has developed Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that is available for free on EdX. This course provides the insights and tools for the design of biotechnology processes in a sustainable way.

The overall objective of this course is to learn the basics of sustainable processing for biobased products to further understand their impact on global sustainability. The course starts on October 17, 2017.

Course At A Glance

Length: 8 weeks
Effort: 8 hours per week
Subject: Biology & Life Sciences
Institution: Delft University of Technology and edX
Price: Free
Certificate Available: Yes. Add a Verified Certificate for $50.
Session: Course starts on October 17, 2017

Providers’ Details

Delft University of Technology has teamed up with edX to bring this leadership course for the engineering participants. Delft University of technology is the largest and oldest technological university in the Netherlands.

edX is a world’s free online course provider and learning platform that provides applicant the best MOOCs from world’s large universities and helps them create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private environment.

About This Course

As fossil-based fuels and raw materials contribute to climate change, the use of renewable materials and energy as an alternative is increasingly important and common. This transition is not a luxury, but rather a necessity. University can use the unique properties of microorganisms to convert organic waste streams into biomaterials, chemicals and biofuels.

 Why Take This Course?

This is a free online course. This MOOC will be offered with Video Transcripts in English.  Applicants can get a verified certificate.

This course provides the insights and tools for the design of biotechnology processes in a sustainable way. Five experienced course leaders will teach applicant the basics of industrial biotechnology and how to apply these to the design of fermentation processes for the production of fuels, chemicals and foodstuffs.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout this course, applicant will be challenged to design their own biotechnological process and evaluate its performance and sustainability. This undergraduate course includes guest lectures from industry as well as from the University of Campinas in Brazil, with over 40 years of experience in bio-ethanol production. The course is a joint initiative of TU Delft, the international BE-Basic consortium and University of Campinas.


Isabel Arends

Isabel Arends is head of the TU Delft Department of Biotechnology and professor of Biocatalysis and Organic Chemistry in this department.

Sef Heijnen

Sef Heijnen has 15 years of experience working in industry and is since 1988 full professor at the TU Delft and group leader Cell Systems Engineering at the Department of Biotechnology.

Henk Noorman

Henk Noorman was trained as Chemical Engineer from Groningen University (NL). He obtained a PhD in Biotechnology from Delft University of Technology (NL), on microbal systems modeling (1991).

Patricia Osseweijer

Patricia Osseweijer is full professor and group leader Biotechnology and Society, at the Department of Biotechnology, TU Delft.

Luuk van der Wielen

Luuk van der Wielen is distinguished Professor for Biobased Economy as well as full professor and group leader Bioprocess Engineering at the Department of Biotechnology of TU Delft.


  • High school understanding of mathematics
  • First year undergraduate level of (bio)chemistry and biology

How To Join This Course

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