Education is Not About Convenience Only

What is education? What is learning? Today, the term “education” has certainly strayed far from its original concept. Nowadays, from the moment a child is born, all he or she gets to know about education from the adults around him is that, ultimately it is all about how much money you bring home at the end of the day.

While this may be true to some extent in the modern universe, we keep forgetting that a good education is not only helpful to us for providing a good job. Rather, it is the power that allows us to climb to all sorts of greatness in life.

Our society has a very narrow-minded view of what “education” truly means. Memorizing bulky textbooks and blindly finishing the previous week’s homework is only a part of the educational sphere. These are academic ventures, which we are able to accept into our minds only when our mood allows us.

However, education is not an a-la carte service that we only need to look into when it suits our needs. We are not truly educated as long as we lack morals like discipline, determination and concentration, which consequently contribute to our ability to learn.

Hence, the moral is to concentrate on learning and exploring in order to nourish our limitless minds than on passing a test for the sole purpose of a career. Memorizing will only get you a job, but learning will take you all the way up to your dreams.

A proverb very aptly states that knowledge leads to wisdom, which in turn leads to emancipation. The education system in the global scenario is increasingly changing into a strictly career-centric one. Students can choose to eliminate a majority of their subjects at a certain stage to choose those that will adhere with their chosen future career requirements. This is a very bad way of teaching kids, who are easily influenced, that there is no need to learn things that they will not require while the simple truth is that, everything they learn will come as handy at least once in their lifetime.

Studying all subjects gives the young students a broader perspective of life in general, and their careers in particular. This broad-mindedness makes a curious teenager grow into an independent adult, capable of handling himself on his own, all because of a few extra hours of learning during his formative and developing years.

Hard work is yet another phrase which for some unknown reason tends to scare the daylights out of educational aspirants. For example, if a teacher introduces a subject to his class as one that requires “hard work”, the students immediately withdraw themselves from it. Thus, we notice an emerging trend among young individuals today to be scared of challenges. This is a rather frightening trend, for life is a challenge itself. However, there is almost certainly nothing that hard work and perseverance cannot achieve in combination. Young individuals need to understand that hard work and determination can outdo talent and laziness any day.

In conclusion, nothing has been said here that hasn’t already been said before by eminent and most importantly, educated personalities. Education is not a commodity that will help you find a good job. It is  the value and moral that true learning and wisdom bring to an individual that help him earn knowledge and a respectable position in society, and consequently, power and money. Therefore, our society, including the elder members and parents, should instill within their children from an early age, love for all new things, rather than putting a compulsion to unwittingly understand things.