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USA Education, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Application Procedure

Education in the United States generally reflects the apprise and priorities of the society. These comprise of dedication to democratic ideals, a commitment to individual freedom, and a regard for the diversity of the population. In wider sense, the USA education system has its objective for the establishment of a quality education that will enable all children to achieve their maximum potential as individuals, which will make them to work effectively as citizens of a free society, and successfully compete in a changing worldwide marketplace.

Types of Program:
Undergraduate programs (Bachelor degree):
This is the basic level of post-secondary education that starts after 12 years of primary and secondary schooling. It includes at least 4 years of education and attains a bachelor’s degree (Most Indian graduation courses are of 3 years duration). There are also two-year programs which attains an Associate degree. A student who has an associate degree has to study for a minimum of 2 years more to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Graduate Programs (Master’s and Doctorate degree):
This is equivalent to Post-graduate or PhD education in India. Admission to a graduate program commonly requires a minimum of 16 years of decorous education. That is, 12 years of primary and secondary schooling and further 4 years of college education.

Application Procedure- Undergraduate Bachelor Degree in USA
This section clarifies the process of applying to USA universities for Undergraduate (Associate and Bachelor Degree) programs.

Admission to a College or University in USA craves a completion of twelve years of beginning and secondary education. In the Indian background, this connotes qualifying in class 12th examination or junior college as applicable. The acceptable degrees include: Indian School Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, Higher School Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate, and All India Senior School Certificate.

You can either pursue a two-year Associate degree like Associate of Science (A.S.) or a four-year degree like Bachelor of Science (B.S.).

Standardize tests:
English Proficiency Test

TOEFL: This exam is compulsory for foreign students who want to take admission in a Graduate course or a University in USA. The least possible score desire by many universities for acceptance is 570 in Written Exam and 230 in Computer Exam.

Other Require Tests

SAT I : This is desired for almost all Undergraduate Courses and Universities.

SAT II : Some Universities may desire you to catch two or three subject tests.

ACT : Some Universities may also crave you to take this test.

Application Procedure- Graduate (Master’s and Doctoral) Courses in USA

This section clarifies the process of applying to US universities for Graduate courses

Maximum Universities desire qualifications equal to a U.S. Bachelor’s (Honors) degree. That means a minimal of 16 years of approved studies. In Indian term, it denotes certifying in a professional four-year degree such as: engineering or other such courses.

For Doctorate programs, many universities desire a Master’s degree in that subject. In some exceptional cases like an excellent undergraduate engineering degree, they may give direct admission to a Doctorate course.

If you have accomplished a three-year degree program in India, the apt plan of action to increase eligibility for U.S. graduate schools is to apply for a Post Graduate degree here in India. A one-year university affiliated program will make up for the fourth year of a U.S. Undergraduate degree.

Standardize tests:
Many Courses and Universities in USA desire you to catch one of the standardize tests like GRE, GMAT along with English Proficiency tests like TOEFL, TWE and TSE.

English Proficiency Tests

TOEFL: This exam is compulsory for foreign students administer to a Graduate course or University in USA. The least possible score desire by many universities for acceptance is 570 in Written Exam and 230 in Computer Exam

TSE: This test is crucial, if you aim to apply for a Teaching Assistantship. Though several universities don’t mention it, but it is apt to take this test if you are looking for a Teaching Assistantship.

Other Tests
Different programs desire you to take certain standardized tests for admission and there is a assertive minimal that you have to score in those tests to get admitted to those universities:

The various tests are:

GMAT : For Graduate Courses in Management.

GRE : For Graduate Courses in fields other than Management.

LSAT : For Admissions to Law Schools.

USMLE: For Admission to Medical Colleges.

Work Experience Details:
A number of professional and vocational courses crave applicable work experience. For instance, many MBAs or Master’s courses in information studies crave at least a couple of years’ work experience. Most American universities are appealing strict about this.

An Analyze Resume is a big part of your application. It should Includes all information of professional work experience along with the description like positions held, achievements and range of work.

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