Free Online Accounting Courses  

A number of free accounting courses are available in online mode, some of which offers the same course materials as credit-bearing college classes. Hence these courses cover the concepts of accounting in a very detailed format even though students cannot earn college credit by completing them. Although access to most of the Online Accounting Courses is free, students may have to acquire other reading material or textbooks to gain full benefit from these courses. Most of the online accounting courses require special software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or mp3 players in order to utilize course materials.

What Is Accounting?

Accounting is an information science which describes the way to systematically systematic record, report, and analyzes the financial transactions of a business. It provides a means to communicate the financial health of a business firm or an organization to those who are interested. It helps the current and future investors to assess the assets, liabilities and cash flow, or the future of an organization.

Importance Of Accounting Courses

Accounting is important to report financial information regarding businesses entities and organizations. Any business involves the inflow and outflow of cash and the most critical aspect of any business or organization is to monitor the inflow and outflow of cash. The accounting department is expected to monitor the financial transactions by recording transactions and analyzing transaction patterns. Accounting department determines the health, efficiency and profitability of a business to a great extent.

Why Students Opt For Accounting Courses?

Accounting courses helps students to learn different types of financial recordings and analyses that are required for business and organizational decision making. Accounting courses equips the students with the fundamental skills required for a career in business or management. They also enable the students to assess profitability and to evaluate financial statements, so that the financial health of an organization can be determined.

Opportunities For Accountant Students

Pursuing an accounting course opens before you a wide variety of job opportunities ranging from that of a book keeper to a certified accounting professional. The entry level jobs in the field are that of a bookkeeper or accounting clerk .To becomes a bookkeeper, a diploma or certificate in accountancy is enough. If you have a bachelor’s degree and relevant experience in the field, you can become a senior accountant. In order to become a CPA you must clear the clear the CPA exams along with a master’s degree.

Some Of The Popular Online Accounting Courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers free online accounting courses like Financial Accounting, Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting Course and Financial and Managerial Accounting. These three free online accounting courses enable the students to download PDFs of lecture notes and obtain exam questions and solutions.

The Open University

The Open University offers free online accounting courses like Introduction to the Context of Accounting, Influences on Accounting Regulation Course and Investment Risk. These courses do not require any textbooks or additional readings. The Open University offers written lessons in its online courses with activities for students to explore the topics further.

Indiana University

Indiana University offers a free online accounting course called Accounting and the Business Environment which covers all aspects of financial record keeping for businesses and includes topics like liabilities, financial statements and budgeting. Videos of classroom lectures, each of which lasts about 30 minutes to one hour, can be downloaded by the students. Textbooks or additional materials are not needed.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

The Small Business Development Center at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania offers four free online accounting courses. These accounting courses includes slides demonstrating and explaining key accounting ideas, like profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash budgets. The various courses are Accounting Fundamentals, Creating a Profit and Loss Statement, Preparing a Balance Sheet and Preparing a Cash Budget.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology offers free online accounting courses like Management Accounting. Management Accounting covers accounting concepts, such as recording transactions, income statements and cash flows. This course enables the students to learn the basic concepts of accounting and how these principles are used by the managers to reduce costs and maximize profits and efficiency. The course can be learnt with the help of 17 video lectures which cover topics like cash flow statements, internal decision making, transfer pricing etc. along with a prescribed textbook.

Portland State University

Portland State University offers free online accounting courses like Financial Accounting and Reporting which enables students to examine the interrelationship between balance sheets and cash flow statements. It also helps students to understand applied accounting procedures and practices. Students learn this course with the help of PowerPoint lessons, Quizzes and discussion questions and student projects.

University of Alaska

University of Alaska offers free online accounting courses like Principles of Financial Accounting which provides students with a basic idea about the principles and practices used in accounting. The course is designed with special emphasis on summarizing accounting data and speaking accounting language. The course requires a textbook and provides access to PowerPoint slides, homework assignments, practice exams, educational games and other course materials.

University of California

University of California offers free online accounting courses like Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning Course that covers the basics of financial planning.

Gresham College

Gresham College offers free online accounting courses like Financial Institutions, Regulation and Compliance & A Single Global Financial Market

University of Michigan

University of Michigan offers free online accounting courses like Corporate Finance for Healthcare Administrators which is a graduate-level corporate finance course focused on financing, investments and strategic financial planning. Students have access to videos of lectures, lecture notes, as well as worksheets.

The most important benefit of a free online accounting course is your savings on time and money. Online courses have increased popularity due to the wide availability of internet nowadays. Online accounting courses also provide you with the opportunities to discuss with your fellow students in different parts of the world.