Free Online Course on Statistics and Probability in Data Science Using Python

University of California is offering free online course on Statistics and Probability in Data Science using Python. In this course, part of the Data Science MicroMasters program, applicants will learn the foundations of probability and statistics.

Using Python, applicants will learn statistical and probabilistic approaches to understand and gain insights from data. The course will start on September 28, 2017.

Course At A Glance 

Length: 10 weeks
Effort: 8-10 hours pw
Subject: Data Analysis & Statistics
Institution: University of California and edx
Languages: English
Price: Free
Certificate Available: Yes, Add a Verified Certificate for $350
Session: Course Starts on September 28, 2017

Providers’ Details

The University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego) is a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public institution that provides opportunity for all. This young university has made its mark regionally, nationally and internationally. Named in the top 15 research universities worldwide, UC San Diego fosters a culture of collaboration that sparks discoveries, advances society and drives economic impact.

About This Course

The job of a data scientist is to glean knowledge from complex and noisy datasets.

Reasoning about uncertainty is inherent in the analysis of noisy data. Probability and Statistics provide the mathematical foundation for such reasoning.

Why Take This Course?

In this course, part of the Data Science MicroMasters program, applicants will learn the foundations of probability and statistics. You will learn both the mathematical theory, and get a hands-on experience of applying this theory to actual data using Jupyter notebooks.

Learning Outcomes

  • The mathematical foundations for machine learning
  • Statistics literacy: understand the meaning of statements such as “at a 99% confidence level”


Alon Orlitsky

Alon Orlitsky is a Professor at UCSD’s ECE Department. He received his B.Sc. in Math and Electrical Engineering from Ben Gurion University, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.


  • The previous course in the MicroMasters program: DSE200x
  • Undergraduate level education in:
  1. Multivariate calculus
  2. Linear algebra

How To Join This Course

  • Go to the course website link
  • Create an edX account to SignUp
  • Choose “Register Now” to get started.
  • EdX offers honor code certificates of achievement, verified certificates of achievement, and XSeries certificates of achievement. Currently, verified certificates are only available in some courses.
  • Once applicant sign up for a course and activate their account, click on the Log In button on the orghomepage and type in their email address and edX password. This will take them to the dashboard, with access to each of their active courses. (Before a course begins, it will be listed on their dashboard but will not yet have a “view course” option.)

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