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Education happens to be the basic need of a person and it has become absolutely mandatory today to be educated appropriately for a better future prospect. With the growing trend of pursuing higher education, one can take up several courses that can add up much to the knowledge of the individual. Fortunately, technology and communication has come up a long way and that successfully enables people to pursue online courses, totally free of cost. Go through the following and get to know what are the different options of free online courses available all across the globe.

University of Michigan

One of the finest universities in the world from where the students can pursue free of cost courses in areas like Chemistry, Engineering, Spanish, Information Science and many more. They can access lectures, assignments, handouts, presentations by the other students and several subject related projects for their own benefit. One can also access the curriculum offered by the medical school of the University.

University of California-Irvine

The University of California started providing the online courses in 2006 and one can get a good collection of lectures, materials and assignments once enrolled. The various topics covered are chemistry, physics, computer science, capital markets and others for the students to choose from. There are options for video and audio lectures as well. Students can sit for examination as well.

NPTEL, India

This initiative of offering free online courses by the Government of India in collaboration with IIT’s and IIsc Bangalore has provided lots of benefits to the people belonging to the engineering background. You will get curriculum based videos, web courses and lots of lecture notes. The content is approved by AICTE and the syllabus is similar to few of the top universities of the country. The courses are free, and are funded by the Ministry of HRD.

Utah State University, Utah

As a student you may get several options of here in this state university to enhance your knowledge. They include courses like anthropology, wildland resources and several others. You may download lecture notes, reading and writing assignments and even homework for a better prospect. You may also learn from the site as well.

University of Western Australia

You can opt for several courses on arts and science in this ace university and also on computer networking, development of mobile apps on any of the platforms and others if you have a proper internet access at your place. They have developed their own Class2Go software from where you can get all the online content and study material designed for public free of cost. You will also receive certificates on successful completion of the courses.

Technical University of Denmark

DTU mainly focuses on short courses over the internet free of cost on technical topics and natural sciences. This university is industrially oriented and the main motive is to impart knowledge to many interested candidates through constructive, empirical methods.

Harvard University

From Harvard you can get a variety of opportunities of online courses. They have collaborated with MIT and developed an edX learning platform that allows anyone with an internet connection to access the courses and enhance the knowledge.

MIT open course ware

Ranked 7th in the USA, MIT happens to be one of the best universities to offer the online courses. Interestingly, the courses don’t have lectures in video, but they provide pdf notes along with homework and provision for tests.

PEOI or Professional Education, Testing and Certification Organization International

PEOI offers several online courses to the interested candidates all across the world. They include text, case studies, home and class assignments, exercise reviews and tests apart from the lecture notes. You can also get a completion certificate at the end.

John Hopkins University

If you are interested in health based free online courses, this is the best place for you. You get several notes and lectures for a clear understanding. No exams are to be given.

So, if you are interested in joining a suitable online course in order to grab a better knowledge, choose anyone from these and experience the difference in your academic span.

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