Free Online Learning Venture By Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

The global professional accountancy body, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA has recently confirmed the launch of its new online learning venture referred as ACCA-X.

It is dedicated towards providing world class online learning courses to a wide variety of students interested in finance and accounting.

The courses offered under this venture are totally free.

A press release has been published recently which affirms that the courses under ACCA-X will be imparted to students via popular and prestigious online educational platform, edX. It is the renowned online educational platform founded by Harvard and MIT intellects and it comprises course content that is developed by Epigeum, the prominent provider of excellent online courses designed to aid colleges and universities to convert their core activities and its courses are widely used by more than 95% of Russell Group Universities.

With the launch of ACCA-X, the global professional accountancy body is emphasizing on their desire to offer affordable, easily accessible and high quality learning experience to all its students from across the world. The advent of ACCA-X enables the ambitious and passionate students to achieve the qualifications and hone their skills which they may use for a rewarding career ahead.

Helen Brand OBE, Chief Executive of ACCA stated that ACCA-X is the revolutionary concept adopted by this global accountancy body with a hope to attract a diverse range of talented brains from across the world. She believes that the advent of ACCA-X will significantly expand the access to learning and will enable several learners from different regions to gain some priceless financial literacy skills and prepare for ACCA Qualification.

Helen Brand OBE, Chief Executive of ACCA further added that, “We will also collaborate closely with our existing learning partners, employers and universities through a variety of partnership arrangements to support their overall delivery and success, making ACCA-X a valuable addition to their offerings.”

Epigeum has comprehensive experience in developing course content and serving many universities and colleges in producing courses of highest standards which are used by students across the globe, said Chief Executive of Epigeum, Terry Sweeney. Now, this platform is looking forward to develop course content for ACCA-X which is unique and different because it is designed by blending variety of media which will appeal to a range of learning styles, the official from Epigeum confirmed.

Terry Sweeney further added that, “We have worked with ACCA-X to design courses that will deliver a more effective learning experience than self-study alone, and will complement face-to-face course delivery.” So, this indicates that the course content of ACCA-X will be quite alluring and expected to attract the talented brains from across the globe.

CEO of edX, Anant Agarwal concluded, “We are pleased to welcome ACCA to as they share their expertise in accountancy, finance and management with our global learning audience.”

edX, the largest and leading online educational portal, appreciates the dedication of ACCA towards innovation and creativity and for imparting course content relevant to business to meet the different needs of professionals and learners, thus complementing the mission of edX to improve accessibility to high quality education without any financial barriers.