GATE Exam : All That You Need To Know

General Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is held all over India as an examination for graduate students in various engineering streams. This test can help students further their career opportunities in the field of engineering.

Application Procedure for GATE

The GATE application process generally starts in September and can last till October. The applications are meant for the exam to be held in the following year. The exact dates of GATE application forms change each year. The GATE exam is held on an annual basis. Generally, a GATE exam takes place between the months of February and March. The results are usually declared within a days of the examination.

Criteria for Eligibility

The GATE application form can only be filled by students who have passed their graduation exams. The students need to be graduates in any science subjects. A student who has got his M.Sc. in Mathematics is also eligible for the test. Students who are in their final year of study can apply for GATE. A student who is pursuing a five year course in technology or engineering through an Integrated Master’s Degree Programme is eligible to sit for the exam only if he or she is at least in the fourth year of study. A student who is enrolled in and Integrated Master’s Degree Programme which lasts for four years should be in his or her second year at least. Those who have obtained their qualifications through professional societies can apply for GATE if their qualifications are equivalent to a B.E. degree or a B. Tech.  The professional societies through with the candidate has got his qualifications must be recognised by UPSC/AICTE.

The Examination

-The test will last for three hours on a single paper. The paper is of the objective variety and a negative marking scheme is applicable.

-The marks obtained by a candidate will be displayed in two ways. First, the candidate will be given a rank based on the candidate’s performance with relation to all the others who have given the exam all over India. Secondly, the marks will be displayed as percentiles.

-Students need to achieve a minimum percentile of 70. Those who get a percentile which is less than 70 will not get any score cards.

-The score card has a validity of two years. The student can apply to institutions based on that score card within this two year period.

-Students can give the exam again if they feel that they can achieve a better percentile the next time. In that case, the new percentile will be used when they apply to institutions.

Preparing for GATE

Students who want to crack the GATE need to start their preparations as early as the penultimate year of their graduations. Trying to solve the question papers from previous years can help build confidence and experience. Students will be able to clearly understand the sort of questions that can appear in their examinations. They will be able to grasp the patterns of the questioning and the exam. The questions are of the objective kind. This means that students must remember the basic and fundamental aspects of their subjects. GATE aims to test the knowledge of a student on the basic concepts of the subject he is studying. A student needs to keep practicing and refreshing their knowledge.

GATE preparation is similar to the preparation students perform for other tests and exams. They need to work hard and dedicate themselves to their studies. GATE preparation requires complete focus and students should remain optimistic throughout. A loss of spirit will make candidates perform poorly in the test.

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