Global Universities Roadshow For UAE Students In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

IDP, one of the leading and trusted brands in international education recently hosted a successful student driven education abroad event in the U.A.E.

The event was titled, “IDP Middle East Study Abroad Roadshow” and was organized in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The event saw participation from 38 global universities from preferred destinations like the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

The roadshow has designed to ensure that UAE based students get to learn of all details and their parents can get their doubts, clarifications and queries answered in a face to face meeting format. There is widespread interest amongst the youth of the UAE to pursue educational opportunities in some of the above mentioned countries but there are many doubts and queries in the minds of both students and families.

The roadshow aimed to help receive answers to all queries and also understand the detailed process of securing admissions, international student programs, benefits and financial assistance programs.

In addition to the presence of the global universities and their representatives, the event also has provision for in-person counseling, personalized attentive services, guidance on application procedures as well as hand holding on helping the students and their families gain an insight into life there.

Some of the universities included 15 from the UK like the University of Southampton,University of Nottingham etc.; Monash, University of Sydney and Melbourne from Australia and nine from the US while four were from Canada. The universities represented are all well known and popular picks for international students from across the globe.

“We understand the doubts and questions running through students and their families on the prospect of studying in foreign universities. This road show is the perfect opportunity to get both institutions and the prospective parties face to face and discuss all possible areas effectively and progressively,” commented an IDP spokesperson on the event focus.

In the words of one of the global universities, the spokesperson had this to add, “We prefer meeting international students in their home base to help them through any and every doubts or queries they may have before embarking on such a big decision. He further stated , “Our team helps them through all possible questions, helping them make better informed decisions as this is about their future.”

The event has been well attended and some of the students and their parents had positive meetings with counselors and university representatives, in their words:

Salma, a mother of a 16 year old added, “Our son is very brilliant and we are keen to send him to a good university for a good future. But there are many doubts and worries as it involves a huge financial commitment from our end as well as wey for a good future. But there are many doubts and worr are concerned about him settling in there. The discussions I had with the representatives assured me and I am more confident of sending him abroad now.”

Majid, a prospective student commented, “While the websites, online student forums are helpful in giving us information, meeting the university officials in person is more comforting”. He also added, “I have been able to ask many questions, with ease, helping me erase all doubts I previously had on enrolling in a paritcualr university.”

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