How To Develop Good Leadership Qualities?

Successful leadership is more than a trail of followers!

What is common between Martin Luther King, Jesus, Bill Gates and Gandhi? They were great leaders of their time and known for their leadership. Leaders are born but leadership qualities can be acquired.

What are the best leadership qualities? Following are a few points that can help a person become a better leader.

-Ability To Trust And Delegate

A person who wants to hoard responsibility and do everything by themselves because of distrust in others can never be good leaders. The trust factor is very important, not only should you trust people around but establish the same in the minds of the people for them to trust you back.


There is nothing without communication; leaders exist because of being able to amply communicate their views and ideas. A leader should be a good communicator to be able to put forward clearly and unambiguously what they want to get done.


A goal driven person will make the good leader as it is their commitment that will motivate everyone else (for the lack of a better term ‘followers’) to all work towards the final goal which should be common to all for effectively achieve results.


“A leader is a dealer in hope” is a well-known quote which amply describes how important it is for a leader to be hopeful and optimistic. To drive people to put in their best till the very end and have those motivated to be able to do that can be achieved with the leaders themselves having a positive and optimistic approach.

Optimism should be realistic, a good leader should be able to see the difference between the two things and judge what is an achievable goal and what is unrealistic.

-People Make Leaders Not Promotions

A good leader stands out of the crowd because of their ability to make an impression on people. This is the reason why as we go up the pyramid of an organization, HR very carefully chooses the people to go on the top.


For a leader, one needs to remember the words of a famous scholar – “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” and for someone to be able to follow that, the motivation should be very high which is where the inspiration comes into play. For the people to be inspired their leader should have the best qualities to build and retain their faith. Inspiration can be through many ways, some of them being – appreciation, applause and pep talk at the right time. Again this is about balancing; only applause and no criticism will lead to problems with the team.


Honesty is actually the best policy, a leader can practice restraint in what they want to communicate to whom; but practicing retrain is different from lying and hiding. When everyone is working towards a common goal, being honest is the prerogative of a good leader to maintain the trust and faith of the others in the group.

-Leaders Are Not Bound By Age

Age is not a criterion for a person to be a leader; it is the visionary thinking that makes them one. To take an example, the youngsters who started Google or Facebook are not wise old men who have grown through the different stages to become CEOs of a company but young bustling minds who are keen to making a difference. People follow these people because they appreciate what they were able to achieve and age is absolutely not a matter of concern or selection.

-Confidence And Openness

Self-assurance is a very important feature that a leader must possess, for good leadership to be successful, it is imperative for the leader to have confidence in themselves which will be communicated to the people who are to be led.

-Solution Driven Approach

There is no problem in the world without a solution, a solution-less problem is a problem to which the solution has not been found yet. Some solutions are not clear cut and staring in the face, they are derived through intelligence and sometimes creativity, a good leader should have openness enough to be able to provide a conducive environment for the team members to function and perform at their best.

Leadership is all about making a difference; it is the basic difference between people who follow others and people who initiate, and these initiators are what looked up to, are called leaders. It is a peoples’ thing and people make or break leaders; leaders are born from within the crowd of people. Successful leadership is more than a trail of followers!