Good Research Ideas

Research Ideas: Coming up with a good research topic is quite an exigent task. One must have a subject from which ideas can be spawned. Before start giving a thought to your ideas, think about what is the purpose of your paper and the echelon you are writing. Research questions can be devised from the ideas which play a vital role in making your research paper remarkable. Your questions should be challenging and focused. Try to explore from as many resources as you can, like books, internet, interviews etc. But you should be quite creative and analytical while using information from the various resources. Ideas keep on coming, so make notes as phrases as they come into your mind so that later on it would be quite easy for you to remember.

Stages for Research Ideas Development

1) Map Making: Segregate your study boundaries for the theme. Frame your questions in a systematic order. Think freely on all the potential ideas coming into your mind don’t get restricted to any one or undermine any one idea, rather keep revaluating them until they become best or totally left out .
2) Make a Record of Questions: Rank your questions depending on the echelon or subject area and store them. Move on from simple areas to harder areas.
3) Brain Storming: Have brain storming session with your peers, superiors on your questions. At each level keep modifying them or totally eliminate some if required.
4) Real: The piece of work done by you should be practically applicable and not abstract depending upon the level and the type of study you are doing.
If you are resourceful then, coming up with good research topics is not that difficult job. Having a clear picture of your theme, what you will write with a little writing skill is required to write a good research paper.

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Preeti Supyal

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