Harvard Business School Online Doors Open For Basic Business Courses

In a recent announcement, Harvard B-school launched its online version of its flagship course in business basics for worldwide students.

This program has been launched after the success of the pilot program which was taken by 500 managers across select few corporate and undergraduate students on the campus.

The aim of this program is to reach out to professionals, who have been out of school for ten years or more, students who have enrolled for the full time course on campus as well as the newly enrolled students who can look at this program as a boot camp towards preparation for the course that lies ahead.

The course consists of case studies and videos which cover the basics of the business programme.

The course fee is $1500 per month, and the duration is two months.  The summer program is slightly more expensive with the fees at $ 1800.

This program has been designed to help working professionals refresh their basics and is a great alternative to the more expensive back to school or executive summer programs.

This program, titled iteration of the Credential of Readiness (CORe), will be rolled out via the HBX-which is the Harvard Business School’s digital learning platform. The set of introductory courses are expected to be launched towards the month end.

Participants can enroll from across the globe across to the age group of late 30s. The application process begins in February, April, and June, with the deadline for the April 15th batch is March 25 and for the June 3 one is May 13, 2015.

The B-school has gained some interesting insights from the results of its successful pilot program in terms of the diverse group of participants that enrolled for the same. The program saw graduate medical students, law graduates and PhD in natural science in addition to the expected ones from Humanities and STEM and business. International students comprised of 20 percent while women participants were around 40 percent. The programme will consist of three courses focusing on accounting, analytics and management economics.

In terms of the course materials, the majority of the participants in the pilot version awarded a high rating to the material in terms of it being engaging, while the quality was highly approved.  The level of instructors, who happen to be taking the prestigious full-time course were also highly rated. The team expects the first course which is slated to start on Feb 25, 2015 to have a healthy number of 500-1000 participants, including the incoming class of the next batch of full-time students too.

“We are delighted to have received a very good response to our pilot course. We have tried to bring in the essence of the Harvard MBA course into this one program that will serve as a starting point for some, while for others it will act as a refresher of the basics. Our participants get the opportunity to enroll from across the globe and get a head start towards an accelerated learning experience from the best teachers and the highest quality course materials,” commented an official university representative on this new course.

The school expects a huge turnout for the summer program and anticipates the enrollments to be as high as 3000 which is way higher than its flagship full time MBA course. The approximate number of students will be in the range of 300-500 to increase the experience of connecting with peers like it is done in the offline version. Additionally, there is a proposal to increase the financial aid for the online course too. The highlights include grades being given in each course on the quizzes, the organization of a final exam as well as the level of the participation during the tenure of the course. Real life corporate cases are included to give the real feel of the course to the student, featuring MNCs like Amazon, PepsiCo, and the American Red Cross including cases from the smaller, mid-sized institutions too. Each participant will be given a certificate of completion, including Honors or High Honors to the merit students. This is the same recognition awarded to the full-time graduates. The course is expected to be a balance of deadlines and submissions, giving the students who maybe working professionals to complete the course in tune with other participants.

“We are looking forward to the start of these courses as they have been designed to add value and help the participants extend their horizon, opening the path to multiple new opportunities,” further added the university representative.

Some of the participants who were part of the pilot program had this to add:

“I was taking up a course for the first time after having completed my MBA almost ten years ago. It was a great experience to become a student again and revisit the basics which once when we start working, hardly get a chance to do so,” shared Ivan, a mid level manager in a retail company.

“I regained my confidence back in terms of the learning capabilities, as well as got an opportunity to take some time out to focus on what I need to add to my credentials that will help me fast track my career,” a part time worker and mom.

“I have enrolled in the next batch of the full-time MBA course, but I am sure that this course will serve as an insight into what the next two years mean for me in terms of the familiarity and the confidence which will help me as I start the first year,” said Jerry a graduate.

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