Indians Hit Germany For Education

Education takes a high percentage of Indian students to varied foreign destinations. Germany stands at the top in such regard. The number of students attending German Organizations has increased from 3,516 in the year 2008-2009 to 9,619 in 2013-14.

The cause for the high rise goes to (DAAD), German Academic Exchange Service which scopes more students to get entitled with this country. It is the highest fund provider that focuses on making things smoother for students as well as organizations to enroll candidates in huge numbers.

Germany has got the best immigration rules that encourage the students to take up employment in the country while still studying, unlike other countries. Even the cost of education is quite good as per the student’s wallet. Besides, as per DAAD, the German parliament has come up with the European Union (EU) Blue Card implementation to provide unlimited work and residence permit to access the labor market easily.

There is also a provision to reside in Germany for a period of 1.5 years even after completing education.

DAAD proclaims, “In Germany, education is heavily subsidized by the state and, therefore, most of the institutions of higher education charge no or very little tuition fee – to the tune of euro 500 per semester,”

The below table concludes most of the finding by put forth by DAAD

Indian students in Germany
Year Number of Indian students % increase (YOY)
2008-09 3516
2009-10 4070 15.76
2010-11 5038 23.78
2011-12 5998 19.06
2012-13 7532 25.58
2013-14 9619 27.7

When going deeper into the criteria circle, getting a student visa to Germany requires Level 2 German language knowledge while applying for post-graduate courses and not necessary for undergraduate. But it is necessary to get an admission in the institute of Germany before applying for VISA with an amount of euro 8,000 in a German bank.

Indian students mostly choose STEM subject fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), followed by economics, law and social sciences. They also go for doctoral programmes.

The DAAD’s scholarship database for foreign students, graduates and academics do have an array of useful information that helps applicants to successfully apply for funding for a course of study or a research assignment.

Science and research in Germany are characterized by a distinguished infrastructure, a wide variety of disciplines, well-equipped research facilities and competent staff. Germany offers various career opportunities for international PhD students and researchers.

Having knowledge on German is not an obligation as there are many PhDs and few Masters Courses where the students don’t need to have German language proficiency. With a decent living standard and cost of education, Germany stands tall in driving more intellectual minds to its institutes.