Instructions & Significance Of Writing Scholarship Essays

The primary aim of writing scholarship essays is to convince the judging committee that you are the right applicant for the bursary.

It may sound easier to write scholarship essays, however in reality it is just the reverse, as it requires lots of hard work and thorough research to write such essays to persuade the judging committee.

Remember, the competition is really very tough, however with a well constructed and correctly formatted essay, covering all the essay questions plus grabbing the attention of the judging committee, the competition may simply melts into the background indeed, making it easier to grab the award.

What Scholarship Essays Must Include?

The judging committee tends to consider certain crucial elements while reading the scholarship essays submitted by the applicants. The scholarship essays submitted must answer the questions mentioned in the scholarship packet. No matter, if the scholarship essay is the best piece of literature in the world, it will simply get rejected by the selection committee if the essay has no linkage with the topic.

The scholarship essays should be original and framed in a way that depicts a better image of writer in the mind of readers. Innovative topics and creativity will easily entice the attention of the readers and keeping the essays original will add maximum value to your writer-ups. Through essays the students must show the judge their skills and ability to think out of the box.

The winning scholarship essays always display particular features and qualities that take it to a high standing in the eyes of the selection committee.

Important Factors to Consider

The most crucial factor that you need to consider while writing scholarship essays is the introduction paragraph. The introductory paragraph of the essay must be the attention grabber for the readers. It should be framed in the way to compel the readers to read more. The selection committee usually read the initial paragraph to get a brief idea about the entire write-ups and hence makes the selection accordingly.

After the introduction, the scholarship essay must comprise a supporting body section. Remember, the body section of essay must underpin the sentences stated above in the introduction part. The last part of the essay is the conclusion and it needs to be solid and must leave behind the audience more curious about the topic.

Instruction to Write Scholarship Essays  

The scholarship essays actually give opportunities to students to stand out from everyone else in the crowd. It is undeniable fact that awards and scholarships are very competitive and the number of applicants is also very high, competing for the same scholarship program.

So, creating innovative and creative scholarship essays is must to grab the awards to pursue your education. Through your scholarship essays you can share how your unique life experience has made you the best contender for the scholarship program. The essays must convey a positive attitude and depict your personal outlook.


Think about topic ideas for your scholarship essay. Mention some of the achievements or accomplishments that you are proud of and also mention some life events that challenged you or taught you something crucial about life. You can make these ideas as the theme of the write-up which will run throughout the scholarship essays.

Before you start writing your essays, check for the guidelines set for the scholarship essays by the sponsors. Check for guidelines like word count, topic, and some additional guidelines which may affect the tone of the write-ups.

Select your topic and make the basic outline for the same. To make your essay appealing you must follow a recurring theme throughout your essay. You can easily illustrate recurring theme throughout your essay by sharing some of your accomplishments, experiences from life and explaining things that have taught you something interesting. You may also emphasize on things that helped you to learn something crucial about life.

The scholarship essays must be formally framed; however the body section of essay should reflect your persona well. Since you will be sharing and explaining things that you have learned from life, it can be personal indeed, however you must focus on maintaining good grammar and punctuation throughout your write-up.

Coming to the conclusion of the essay you must leave the readers with curiosity about the topic. Proofread the essay to avoid mistakes and if possible ask someone to proofread it for you. The second set of eyes is always a better option for proofreading as they can ensure if your thoughts are easy to understand and clear.

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