International Baccalaureate : IB Diploma Programme

International Baccalaureate or (IB) as it’s referred to be a student oriented non-profit educational foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. The foundation offers four programmes to students between the ages of 3-19 years. The entire curriculum and course structure is focused on helping the students develop critical skills across both intellectual and personal to successfully excel in a globalized environment.  The foundation was established in 1968 and since inception has nearly 4000 schools across 148 countries partnering it by offering the IB courses.

The current structure of the curriculum is divided according the age groups of students. Each course is developed keeping in mind the concept and focus on “international education.” The purpose in defining the goals and objectives of each course is totally oriented towards providing a strong platform to students as they enter the world of learning and enroll a school at the age of 3 till they are ready to step out to pursue higher education or pre-university education. Each course is designed keeping the international exposure and reach.

The four programmes offered are divided into the categories according to the age group of the students, briefly, they are as follows:

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

This curriculum caters to students between the age group of 3-12 years. The focus lies on enhancing the natural curiosity of children of this age and encourage them to ask questions within the classroom and outside as well. This age group needs to have a strong foundation and this rouse provides them with relevant and multi-disciplinary approach taught in an engaging manner. There is room for schools to bring their inputs too.

The main aim of this programme is to provide a solid structure to develop students academically, socially and emotionally. They are encouraged to be independent and responsible, and are able to find their place in the world.

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

This course caters to students in the age group of 11-16 years. The course is designed to inculcate the natural ability to think and relate theory to the practical aspects surrounding us. Students learn to express freely, think and reflect. The curriculum equips each student to become ready for the global stage and create their own unique identity. Study is provided in 8 subjects with at least two languages to broaden their cultural aptitude.

The IB Diploma Programme

This curriculum is for students in the age group of 16-19 years. The course structure involves a comprehensive outline with examinations to prepare students to take on further challenges awaiting them as they pursue higher studies. The approach is more interactive and aims at making the students independent and stretches them. There is an independent research oriented essay to be crafted as well as creative skills development through indulgence in activities other than educational. Students are encouraged on this journey of self-discovery through varied experiences making them into well-rounded global citizens of tomorrow. There is theory across the key disciplines of social science, languages, mathematics, experimental sciences and arts. There is a written exam which helps determine the readiness of each student,

The IB Career-Related Certificate

This recent introduction is for students in the age group of 16-19 years. The course is designed for those students that wish to pursue clear career-related education ahead. They are awarded an opportunity to engage in practical learning and training which prepares them to take on higher levels of learning.

Each institution across the worlds that offers IB courses, aims at offering seamless education which connects diverse geographies and makes the concept of a global student a reality. Some of the key advantages of enrolling in an IB course are as follows:

-Students are more self-confident and responsible in every way. They display the tenacity to learn and pursue difficult challenges.

-Students are well-rounded with a balance of proficiency in soft skills and theory to excel at higher education and their career in future.

-Students develop self-learning skills that hold them in good stead when it comes to planning their educational track, instilling a sense of independence to travel and gain the best from their experiences.

-These students stand out amongst the rest for their abilities and training which holds them in good stead at universities and professional learning.

Today, IB education is considered one of the leading medium of education and learning with complete global acceptance.

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