Japanese Universities Target 30,000 International Students Enrollment By 2020

Japanese Government has declared the growing figures of international students who wish to aspire for further education from Japanese Universities to increase in huge numbers.

It also confirms that their students will be encouraged to go abroad for further studies.

For international enrollments in Japanese Universities the number set is around 30,000 students which were initially declared in the year 2008 as a target number by former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda. The figures were left unachieved due to natural calamities in 2010 and Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 2011. All these resulted in bringing the figures drastically low in the nation. It has been reported that only 141,700 enrollments were seen taking place in 2010.

Now a new zeal can be seen in the Government of Japan when the expected figures have been raised again to 30, 000 enrollments of international students till 2020.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has last month confirmed the government’s plans to increase the number of international students in Japan and to help strengthen the English proficiency in Japanese students over the next 6 years. An increase in the number of foreign faculty in the 8 state run Universities in Japan is also likely to increase in the next 3 years span.

Ryuichi Oda, an education ministry official confirms that the initiative is towards increasing Globalization efforts at Japanese Universities and also confirmed governmental support for the same.

To give way to the Japanese students to study abroad a survey was conducted that revealed the interest of around 33% of students who were willing to move outside Japan for further studies. The number has shown an increase of 6% in comparison to the last year survey as per the reports. Still a 40% student base does not wish to leave the nation for foreign studies.

Girls have however shown more interest in studying abroad as per the ICEF Monitor report generated last September.

Language barrier and cost are two factors which are standing as points of demotivation for students who are unwilling to go abroad for their further studies. While improvement in language skills and better job opportunities are graded as the high motivating factors for Japanese students who wish to make abroad there education destination in lieu of finding more growth and success in those lands.

The employment figure in Japan show that around 560,000 Japanese student’s attained graduation last year where two out of three students were only reported to have been able to secure a full time employment or be self employed while around 23,000 were working in temporary jobs. Ministry of Education document last August confirmed the figures and also stated that more than 115,000 graduates without jobs for the whole year.

These revealing figures are giving more way to Japanese students considering their way out to the international destinations in search of better employment opportunities and are encouraging them to leave home and consider studying abroad.

Canadian Government on the other hand has shown an increase of 10% of student visas issued to Japanese students in the year 2010-2011. This data reveals that Canada is another hot spot for Japanese students as opting for short term language courses does not require a Canadian visa.

The country is attracting a majority of Japanese students towards their courses. Graduate students in Japan are also increasingly moving to many other international destinations as figures reveal that around 72,000 graduates are moving outside Japan to pursue further education opportunities.

Japanese Government aims to increase the number of foreign students in the country to more than double. This can be done by simplifying immigration procedures and hiring more English-speaking professors as per the government.

Nidhi Malhotra

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