Microsoft Invests $75 Million to Develop Digital Education in Africa

Microsoft announces an investment of $75 million to increase digital learning and education throughout the Africa. It has partnered with six global humanitarian organizations on this new investment. The organizations are:
-World Vision Inc.
-The British Council
-SOS Children’s Villages International
-Catholic Relief Services
-Plan Ltd. and
-The International Rescue Committee.

This investment from Microsoft is company’s bigger initiative named as “Microsoft YouthSpark” and it is aimed to create prospects for 300 million youth worldwide though a wide range of programs. The various programs are:
-Imagine Cup
-Skype in Classroom
-Office 365 for EDU
– Microsoft IT Academy
-Microsoft Student Partners
-and many others.

One of the key projects funded through this program will be “Spark a Child’s Digital Future”. It  is going to begin in Kenya in early 2013 then extend all through sub-Saharan Africa and beyond over the course of the next five years. The program is a mutual effort from numerous organizations including strategic partners World Vision and the British Council as well as Intel with Microsoft. Through this attempt, Microsoft will donate software. Microsoft and Intel will offer information and communications technology training and the British Council and World Vision will offer their own expertise in educational program execution, content development, measurement and evaluation.

The different projects undertaken by Microsoft will help and motivate students to find employment, start their own businesses and contribute to their local economies by learning modern-day digital skills. It will really be fruitful for the students and society . Let’s hope for the best.

Good Luck!!

Vaishali Arora

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