‘Rodale U’: An Online Learning Platform From Rodale

Rodale unveils ‘Rodale U’, an online learning platform that will provide valued courses to the consumers worldwide.

Being a collaboration between Rodale and Thought Industries, the ‘Rodale U’ platform will be synchronizing all the health related content, supplied by the Rodale writers and editors.

Speaking about the online platform, Scott Schulman, President, Rodale Incsays,“With what digital allows you to do now, we thought it would be great to combine all multimedia elements together — video, text, interaction with other people either taking a course with you or teaching a course.

We thought this would be a great way to bring the brand to life and help people accomplish goals.” The course shall include videos, slideshows, quizzes and interactive content to engage the potential customers.

If one is interested in Rodale courseware, then he/she has to buy it with one time payment only system. Rodale’s first two courses named ‘Lose Your Spare Tire’ from Men’s Health and ‘Run Your First Marathon’ from Runner’s World shall cost $49.99 and $39.99, respectively. Both the courses are currently available on the ‘Rodale U’ platform. Two more courses such as ‘Bike Maintenance 101’ from Bicycling and ‘Sugar Smart’ from Rodale Books is scheduled to be launched in mid-March and mid-April respectively.

Rodale also aims to introduce 8-10 new courses in the year 2015.

As the courses are designed to keep up with individual speed and understanding, it provides a lifetime access to the user. The curriculum designed can be accessed on any device. As the model develops and seizes the market opportunity, it will include live interaction and discussion sessions. The platform alsohas an opportunity for e-commerce integration, which includes buyers’ related suggestions and guidance.

If one wishes to buy a particular gear that is part of a video or the character or the instructor uses it while working out, then it’s possible to buy that product by clicking on the interactive link which will redirect to the e-commerce site Rodales.

Rodale, currently is looking for multi revenue streams. It wishes to experiment with different pricing strategies which shall include bundled benefits, freemium, third party sponsorship opportunities. Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries says, “Over the past three years we have seen tremendous growth in consumer learning a new segment of online learning and commerce, where individuals are turning to their trusted brands, such as Rodale, to improve their lives and careers.”

This explains Rodale’s diversification motifs.  It launched an online retail business named Rodales.com, in 2013, for consumers and it deals with clothing, beauty, household and fitness products.

It has also started the website http://www.eatclean.com/which deals with topics regarding healthy and sustainable food.

Rodale Inc., currently is the global health and wellness giant whose brand portfolio reaches the entire world. It presence includes magazines such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health; books such as ‘The new puberty: How to navigate early development in Today’s girls’, ‘Wheat Belly Total Health: The Ultimate Grain-Free Health and Weight Loss Life Plan’; online platforms like Rodale U, Eat Clean, Rodales etc. It has presence in 67 countries with more than 100 editions related to health, wellbeing, and lifestyle choices. Partnering with the

Thought Industries will definitely create a big impact in the health and wellness sector. Thought Industries is being touted as the emerging player in the online learning platforms for the enterprises. Its unique backend delivery and revenue generating tools meet the industry standards.

People those who are interested in Rodale’s unique online learning offering can click here for registration.

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