Online MBA From USC Marshall School of Business

Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California is set to offer an online MBA program. It will be a comprehensive program consisting of emerging business topics: internet analytics, social media, virtual teams and entrepreneurial thinking.

This would be a 21 months program taught by the faculty members of the Marshall School of Business. The curriculum includes online coursework in an asynchronous format, weekly synchronous seminars and one-time, one-week on-campus event.

The program shall include other aspects such as live action cases, interactive exercises and virtual teams. The format designed for the course will be easy to follow and has a flexible learning management system to provide real-time interaction with the faculty members of Marshall School of Business.

It gives an opportunity for the students to access the educational content at their own pace. Even students can enroll in other online courses such as entrepreneurship, marketing and global supply chain management from USC Marshall School of Business. USC Marshall offers other online programs such as a Master of Business Taxation and a Master of Global Supply Chain Management.

Its online MBA program enables students to excel in fast changing business landscape. It is aimed at enhancing the analytical skills of students to decode the digital marketplace. The Master of Business Taxation offers specialization in taxation in which students can gain technical expertise to deal with various firms and the tax legislations and regulations at federal and local level.

The online Master of Science of Global Supply Chain Management is meant for the students who wish to expand their knowledge and expertise in the field of global supply chains. This course includes two international travel experience to global distribution hubs.

The Master of Management in Library and Information Science provides a unique opportunity to learn the skills required to manage the modern libraries of the world and the fast changing digital world. This course can be completed in 18 months

Unlike others, Marshall School of Business intends to recreate content keeping the online format in the mind. It simply doesn’t believe in dumping the traditional classroom content in the online format. The online format needs to be innovative, captive and interactive.

That’s what USC Marshall wants to incorporate. John Matsusaka, USC Marshall Online MBA academic director, said, “Online technologies continue to rapidly reshape our world. As an innovator in higher education, our new program pushes the USC Marshall MBA into the online world, allowing us to deploy new learning technologies and to reach students across the globe.”

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With the changing business scenario, it’s necessary to adapt and upgrade skills for survival. USC Marshall School of Business, situated in Los Angeles, California, emphasizes on entrepreneurship, innovation, collaborative research and social responsibility. Founded in 1920, USC Marshall addresses the business concern in a rapidly changing world of trade and commerce. It provides support to industries such as biotech biotechnology, life sciences, media, entertainment, communications and healthcare. With an alumni base that spans 44 countries, USC Marshall offers a vast network in the global business arena.

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