Online Summer Program 2015 Announced By McKendree University

McKendree University has been serving a large number of students from different backgrounds with its online courses. Recently, the university has declared to commence its upcoming summer online courses 2015-16.

Students from across the globe are cordially invited to participate in the online summer courses at the earliest to secure a spot in their desired classes.

Students are required to sign up online for the summer classes by visiting the official website of the university.

Alike other institutions, McKendree University has been using the potential of internet technology to render education and exceptional online learning experience to the students. The university offers online graduate and undergraduate programs in varied subjects.

The online summer courses were basically designed for students who lack behind in attending the regular on-campus programs offered by the university, allowing all students from different backgrounds to pursue their desired degree which was incomplete due to other responsibilities and geographical barriers.

The undergraduate online programs offered by McKendree University include, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The online graduate programs offered by the university include Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration (MSN/MBA), Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Education.

President of McKendree University, Dr. James Dennis said, “Our University works hard to connect students to the same high quality educational experience that they would receive here on campus”.

The statement of Dr. Dennis confirms that the online education offered by the university will be of same quality and students can enjoy the same learning experience like on-campus students. The university takes the pride for offering continuous online undergraduate and graduate programs to all deserving students from different geographical locations. The online programs at McKendree University are designed for students who desire to pursue further education and excel in their career, while managing other crucial responsibilities in their lives, the officials confirmed.

The online summer programs at McKendree University guarantee to offer high quality learning experience to students as per their convenience.

The online bachelor degree programs of McKendree University are ranked amongst the top 40 in the nation in 2014 by US News and World Report.

World Report and US News also ranked the online MBA program of McKendree University amongst the top 100 in the nation in 2013. All these rankings are based on the faculty credentials, student enrollments, training, student services, peer reputation and technology used for rending education. So, this confirms that the online programs at McKendree University have great significance and can help any student to pursue their desired education and excel in their career.

All interested participants can enroll for online summer courses at McKendree University by signing up online at the admission page of the university. Students can also browse the eligibility criteria for online programs, process of taking online courses and other related information on summer online programs offered by McKendree University.

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