Free Online Course to Improve Your Intercultural Competence

Purdue University is offering free online course on Improve Your Intercultural Competence. Students will also learn to succeed in a diverse workplace and appreciate the value of cultural differences.

In this four- week course, applicants will develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge required to thrive in diverse workplaces. This course will start on August 21, 2017.

Course At Glance

Length: 4 weeks
Effort: 3 hours/week
Subject: Improve Your Intercultural Competence
Institution: Purdue University and Future learn
Languages: English
Price: Free
Certificate Available: Yes
Session: Course starts on August 21, 2017

Providers’ Details

One of the four best public universities in the US, Purdue delivers an engaging learning experience and a world-class degree.

About This Course

According to the Intelligence Unit at The Economist, 90% of executives in 68 countries say cross-cultural management is their biggest challenge.

Good intercultural communication and an understanding of cultural differences are now critical for professionals, especially those part of global networks.

Why Take This Course?

In this course not only will you develop the skills and acquire the knowledge needed to meet the global challenges today’s world presents.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interact with people who are culturally diverse (openness)
  • Ask questions of other cultures (curiosity)
  • Describe own cultural rules and biases (self-awareness)
  • Differentiate complex worldview frameworks (cultural worldview frameworks)
  • Discuss differences in forms of communication (verbal and non-verbal communication)
  • Recognize the feelings of diverse cultural groups (empathy)


This course is for anyone looking to improve their intercultural competence – you might be a student preparing for the world of work or study abroad, or a HR worker or corporate trainer, or you could be a professional working in marketing. You don’t need any prior experience.


Charles A. Calahan

I teach at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA and facilitate the intercultural development of faculty, staff and students. I am a member of the Purdue University Teaching Academy.

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