Top Research Universities For International Applicants

There has been a tremendous growth in percentage of students seeking research as a career path. They look out for technology and research career where top companies are hiring fresh mind. However, it begins with the base that the aspirant need to learn. Universities are now offering specialized and UG courses in research and technology.  These universities are highly focused ensuring students to get the best environment to learn and get the best out of the course.

Below mentioned are top international research universities with their ranking and courses offered under research category:

California Institute of Technology California Institute of Technology

Founded in 1891, this private institute also abbreviated as CALTECH is ranked 9th by Times Higher Education and is highly focused on providing education in science and engineering. Located in Pasadena, CA, it is the home of approx 2,500 students and 300 faculties. The institute manages Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for NASA and also operates global network of astronomical observation and research facilities. The institute has different department offering research courses including: Biological & Biological Engineering, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Geological & Planetary Science, Humanities & Social Science and Physics, Math & Astronomy.

Financial Aid: The institute offers need based financial aid for 54% of UG students.

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts Institute of Technology

It is being ranked 5th under world rank by Times Higher Education and is 150yrs old institute. Well known to produce more than 70 Nobel laureates, the institute has the strength of 10,000 students instructed in different categories of research and technology field. The research area in MIT aims to develop innovative solutions for energy needs and cancer therapies.  Students undertake research in architecture, astronomy, cognitive science, operations research etc.

Financial Aid: The institute offers financial aid for UG students, for which students need to apply every year. the financial aid is offered on the basis of student’s family financial condition. Moreover, UGs are eligible for the aid in an amount up to the price minus the sum of expected family contribution.

University of Toronto University of Toronto

Ranked 20th in the world by Times Higher Education, this university has research and innovation department providing students with in-depth training in the field. The university also has been consistently rated as Canada’s top 100 employers. Its research and innovation department is ahead of any other Canadian institution. Moreover, the university is also developing collaborative consortia with other research universities.  U of T has also collaborated with top tech companies to improve service for drinking water and energy.

Financial Aid: U of T awards over 3000 admission scholarships on the basis of financial need, academic merit and other criteria.

The University of Tokyo The University of Tokyo

Ranked 23rd worldwide for research in Times Higher Education, the university has more than 5000 faculty and 27,000 students making it the most renowned research hub. University’s graduate schools provide excellent environment and facilities for high-end research method. Moreover, the university has networked with top universities from all research institutions across world. University of Tokyo offers admission for international research students at Graduate School of Science to study specific research subject.

Financial Aid: The university offers different financial aid under different programs like JASSO for international students, University of Tokyo Fellowship, Scholarship for Phd Research and also offered by Private Organizations.

National University of Singapore National University of Singapore

Stands in the 26th position, this is Singapore’s flagship university offering global approach to students. It has 3 Research Centres of Excellence (RCE) and 23 university-level research institutes. Moreover, it has also earned an affiliation with 16 national-level research institute. NUS is actively involved in international academic and research networks such as the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) and International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU).

Financial Aid: NUS offers various scholarship programs for students which includes Freshman and NUS Awards for Study Abroad (NASA) to support students in various forms of global exposure opportunities.

University of MelbourneUniversity_of_Melbourne

Ranked 34th, the university is highly recognized research university having earned a good reputation for its research department.  The university offers undergraduate degrees and world-leading graduate programs delivered through graduate schools in professional and scholarly disciplines to about 50,000 students each year.

Financial Aid: The University of Melbourne offers Melbourne International Research Scholarships (MIRS) is awarded to international students wishing to undertake graduate research degree studies at the university.


University of EdinburghUniversity of Edinburgh

This University ranks 39th position by Times Higher Education and offers more than 160 taught degrees in PG for research.  Different fields that are covered under research department are Science & Engineering, Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, Humanities & Social Science and Research in nutshell videos.

Financial Aid: The Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship is special grant covering the difference between home and overseas PhD fees. Students are also offered from National Governments, China Scholarship Council Awards and Informatics Global Research Scholarship.

The University of Hong KongThe University of Hong Kong

The University ranks 43rd position as per Times Higher Education and offers strategic research in Environment, Biomedicine, Community, Frontier Technology and China & West Studies.

Financial Aid: The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme is established by Research Grants Council to attract best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong’s institutions. Fellowship provides an annual stipend of HK$240,000 (approximately US$30,000) and a conference and research-related travel allowance of HK$10,000 (approximately US$1,300) per year.