Russia as Study Destination for International Students

Russia is one of the top study destinations for international students, desirous of pursuing higher studies aboard. This European destination is quite popular with graduate students especially students pursuing medicine and engineering. Some of the universities have also started to offer post-graduate studies in English to facilitate international students in the recent past.

Though, Russian education system is well-known for providing quality education. Yet, Russia keeps improving its educational quality and keeps introducing and discovering innovative steps to make application process easier for international students.

Recently, Russia has decided to do away with red tape and announced list of 210 foreign universities from 25 countries whose students will be eligible to apply at Russian universities with ease. The list includes universities from America, U.K., China, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Denmark, Singapore etc.

Why Choose Russia:

  1. The most important reason to choose Russia for higher studies is its quality academic system that’s globally recognized. These degrees have record of topping WHO and UNESCO ratings.
  2. Highly trained faculty in the universities so students will gain all the knowledge they need to specialize in their respective subjects.
  3. To attract foreign students and make it easier for them to continue their studies in Russia, numerous universities offer 100% scholarship and tuition fee concession.
  4. Russia not just provides degrees that are recognized but the cost of studying medicine in the country is lower compared to U.K., USA and other top ranked study destinations. It won’t be wrong to say studying medicine at Russian university will be quite affordable.

Medium of Instruction: In most Russian universities studies are carried out in Russian only, so having knowledge of the language can be of great help. However, there are some courses where training is also delivered in English or French. There are 20 specialties that carry training in English. Candidates can choose the language of study option (if provided during applying for the course) and must go through an interview process to prove their language competency after landing in Russia.

Choosing medium of instruction per your wishes is fine for studying, but it’s mandatory for international students to study Russian language course. This course is included in the syllabus as learning Russian will make it easier for international students to communicate with their fellow classmates and people outside the university while they are in Russia.

Work Options for International Students: Russian government also allows international students to work but only if they have spare time after their studies. If you are among students, who want to work part-time while studying in Russia, then you should be aware that employer should have a license to hire foreign nationals.

Safety of International Students:  One of main concerns of most parents, who send their wards to study in any foreign country, is safety of their children. And it’s safe to say, Russia goes to lengths to ensure security of international students on its land. Outside universities and hostels security is provided by the state security and law enforcement service (police) and inside university’s internal security department is responsible for the security to students.

All in all, studying in Russia can be an amazing experience for foreign students.

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Priyanka Sharma

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