Singapore Education Gaining Popularity Among Indian Students

Singapore Education Bringing Tough Competition in the Education World Regarding Popularity among Indian Students

Education system has developed and grown too many levels in the past years and new origins with world class education system and level are in the competition.

Indian students aspiring to study abroad are favoring Singapore as a destination for their academic growth and are dwelling in huge numbers making the figures rise exceptionally for Singapore universities.

The academic grounds that are being laid by the country are implying in its favor as more and more Indian students are opting for the same. The reasons that apply in making it a hot spot and stand in competition with countries like UK and US are:

Near to Home

The location of Singapore is very near to Indian homes as the total distance between the two countries is approximately 3443km and thus it seems to be a place that helps students to be nearby and experience international education system. Air travel takes less than 4 hours to reach the destination and this motivates students and parents to stay in easy touch of meeting at regular intervals.

Excellent Education System

The country has exceptional and international educational system which favors the Indian students to move towards the Singapore University for their educational needs. The education system is suppose to follow the EduTrust and CPE standards of Education in order to meet the demands of growing international candidature. Many Universities from UK, France and US have their educational setup in Singapore and sources do confirm the opening of many prestigious educational institutions in the coming year.

Affordable Cost

Cost is the underlying factor and Singapore educational institutions have won the race with a much reduced cost regarding education. Course fee differs from institute to institute but an average 6 months diploma can start at a cost fee of S$5000. The higher education incurs more cost but still in comparison to UK, US, Australia etc the charges are low. In addition to the education cost the charges for living in Singapore are also very affordable. Like a university hall could attract a minimum charge of S$ 155 and a hostel accommodation could range in approximation to S$750. Public housing are seen starting at a rate of S$300.

Work Options

The tuition Grand Board provides a 3 year work obligation for Medical and Dental students in Singapore. It helps them to discover new work methods of the country and also enables them to get an exposure with advanced medical facility.

Low on Crime

Singapore can be termed as a dream destination for education as it is a place small in size and high in education standards. Along with it crime rate and social problems like drug abuse are really low in comparison to other countries. Naveen Chopra chairman of educational consultancy confirms the reason to be one of the top picks regarding Indian students increasing number in Singapore

The reports from Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) confirm the rise of Indian students in Singapore Universities with numbers increasing at 20-25% each year and an approximation of 3000 students enrolling alone from India. It has undoubtedly been a hot pick in terms of education sector and this toll seems to be increasing with each semester. It seems like a golden egg in the Indian student’s basket.

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Nidhi Malhotra